Fifth Estate

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Blinding shining star

You won't see so far
Know what can't be shown
Feel what can't be known
You were an isle unto thyself
You had a heart you hadn't felt
Why would it hurt me





Stars may die in threes, but worlds die in fives.


What Is Fifthism?

I Often get this question asked amongst our dreamers and dwellers, "What is Fifthism really about?" Fifthism is the result of the brain's natural reaction to the impossible no really let me divulge further. in certain realities the impossible is accepted as the norm lets say this on the Fifth of July the foundation got disbanded or On the Fifth of February dreams cease to exist the residents of that reality accept it as the norm and life goes on, still confused eh? to put it blunt Fifthism  is the result of your thinking to cope with the impossible as to avoid the tragic fate of going insane, Fifthism is a defence mechanism, a mindset that protects you regarding the Aforementioned things lets move to the other fundamental idea, Destruction how does one set thyself free. destruction is a form of freedom whether it be of the self, or gods, or many others will you be free from your bonds to this wretched planet.






What Does it mean to dream?

Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre.

That's really it I guess no really.



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