Mario Oregano

Request Unban For Permanent Ban (No admin has Denied nor Accepted my appeal.)

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Server you got banned from: SCPrp Werewolf Gaming

Your name in-game: Mario Oregano is my steam name.

Your SteamID: 76561198239116118

Admins' name that banned you: N/A

Admin's steamID: N/A.

Why did you get banned?: Does not say on my ban.

Evidence(Un-necessary):  N/A

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:  I got banned over a year ago not really something that i deserve to be unbanned for but its been a long time most servers ban this long for hacking.

Anything else?: I have recently started playing some Garry's Mod and i would like to play on the only good SCPrp server because every other one is not from europe and nobody speaks english in them and has high ping.

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Yeah, you were banned in September of last year for "NH2RP + Mass RDM + DTS (get a life and grow up instead of minging like this)".

I assume the staff member who banned you is no longer part of the staff team since I cannot find their SteamID on the staff spreadsheet so they cannot offer any insight into the heck of a ban reason you got 😛

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Even if the previous Staff who banned you would read this I highly doubt that he will remember you and could say anything to the Ban Reason

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I looked into what DTS meant i dont really know what it means and it says Dont tell someone to kill themselves and im pretty sure i have not told someone to kill someone in garry's mod.

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Just now, Retard Obliterator said:

Shitposting as a staff memeber?

See if they wasnt desperate for staff, they would not have got you in not by a long shot.

Mfw you can only express your self for easy +1's by using a le epic trollface

Hmm, ignoring my points and focusing on that....nice!
also... Sad Emoji

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While the reason is serious, he's had the time to think over what he has done. If he does it again, he knows the consequences.


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