Masons unban request

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My In-Game name: Mason 

STEAMID: (  : STEAM_0:0:513488759

Steam Name: Mao2745

What is the reason for your ban: Minging 

How long were you banned for: Permanently

Name of the staff member who banned you: Marm (I think, not quite sure)

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: First reason for why I should be unbanned is that since my ban back in February I haven't really been playing Gmod and recently I wanted to give it another go but serious this time as I have taken a real liken towards star wars and would like to try serious RP. At the time of the ban I didn't  think a perma ban was reasonable but now thinking back on it I know it was justified as everyday I would go and try to ruin peoples RP experiences with some mates. Thinking back on it makes me cringe as I had a chance to form with a community but instead decided to mess around with some mates which got me nowhere. I believe that I have changed and matured during the 10 months and have no desire left to minge .I know the community doesn't owe me anything but I would like another chance for serious RP, I would be grateful for it. I know you will think that I am not serious as this unban request is a couple days after pomegranates, but seeing his has made me want to come back to the server more and has what made me write this request, I hope you will give me a 2nd chance. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.

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It's been a while since your ban, you and pomegranate. People really hated you for your actions and you being annoying to them but personally I didn't mind you but then again I am not speaking for everyone

Good luck!

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I think you should be unbanned. It’s been ages since you were last on and from what I remember you made the server so much better and just had the most joke times. Unban this guy ffs 

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@Silent He used to play werewolf as well and I haven't spoke to him in a long time, I just sent him the link to this on discord so he could read it. I've told him to edit it so it makes sense so he when he's next on he will.


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Fam, you just admitted to advertising your unban request, not very epic indeed. If this is true and you've changed +1

But never advertise this shti


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@BansheeyI never told him to reply, I actually told him not to say anything because it would make me look worse but it was to late, I only sent him it so I can show him that I'm trying to come back to the server. My bad if that is advertising. 

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@SilentI don't know why you would think I created a second account to comment on my own unban request nor I don't know why I have to explain who this is but ill do it anyway. He played when I was playing 10 months ago and we were mates, his in game name is ICE and hierarchy that might remember him could be Solaire and Koopa (if he's still here).  I think he used to be in CE (don't quote me though it was 10 months ago). I am not sure if he has played recently. I know him commenting has made this confusing and I apologise for that. 

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