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SCP-RP V6 Mini Christmas Update

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Mini Christmas Update:         10/12/2020

Updates (Next Restart)
+ Restored ISD commands after being checked and cleared, (Will be monitored if needed changes)
+ Staff Assistant models swaped out for a working one
+ O1 Removal
+ Removed more from downloads meaning faster load in times
+ STG-44 will be reducing damage and such on this to try and make it a more usable gun ( Will take time so maybe not tonight)
+ Adding a new SCP model, however it will only be used by the event team.
+ Also view model for the foundation Assistance may be fixed with something I found so cross your fingers!

Possible Additions (Nearing Christmas)

- MC&D Drinks may be worked on in my spare time (if I can)
- More prop related Packs to increase surface RP for players such as tablets, Phones (Testing Required before approved)
- Combat Axe might get included into jobs, once I reduce the damage it does per hit and such, sadly their is no throwing capability
- Possible improvement on sweps, though no promises on this one at all

That is all I have for the time being atm, keep an eye on the content pack or here for updating regarding addons and such!!!

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