daddo art of Money quotes

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hello yes u have boughat dado art of moanei quote baokk look 4 new cool way to make moneay no worry! dado got u cover in wide selecation of quote i assuare no customer refund of book either.

verse 1


"When n douabt buy out competiton"

"how hard can compeny go if have no money?"

"If u no werked then u lazey if u get peoplae werked 4 u then u big hit in market"

"If customer complain give no refund"

"when i kid daddo dad ask 2 me 'when u mak monei u becme like jeff bezos' i said "i'll be bette than jeff bozeas"

"people old and people horny do the raw dog so dado make medicine to do the old and horny 4 meni."

"world is shit" so dado is think, "how is dado help world clean up the shit?" fortunately dado is very clever so make the poop removal pill yes.


dado appreciate good snooze and so when man say "want the good snooze pill" dado is say "i have already made for u yes". this good medicine for make the long z.

" when amaezen worka say no sleep u put wage cage 4 em for sleep and monei. "

"carter scare first then i buy ms dark out for date we be bst friand and sleeap that how u make monei"

daddo feel sleep here

daddo feel sleep here too.

daddo feel sleep here three

daddo feel sleep here four

daddo feel sleep here five

daddo feel sleep here six

daddo feel sleep here seven

daddo feel sleep here eight

daddo feel sleep here nine

daddo feel sleep here ten

daddo feel sleep here eleven

daddo feel sleep here twelve 

daddo feel sleep here thirteen 

daddo feel sleep here fourteen 

daddo feel sleep here fifteen 

daddo feel sleep here sixteen 

daddo feel sleep here seventeen

daddo feel sleep here eighteen 

oh i sell company full boakk talk to me inaperson thank

nbest sell book 2020

r u want to become good rich?  well good u need fine stock. here what u do. u make page on internet wall street so then dado come and add good stoack to cat log. just if u want to write the dado remember important rules:

1) dado very good at make the good medicine

2) dado sometimes confused about what people mean when they say the words

3) u trust dado

4) dado has amazon prime so no shipping charge

5) dado, being fine capitalist, proud owner of laundry and tan

6) dado capitalize key broken so dado is dado

7) dado not of bad spelling, dado just is into confusion sometime regarding names that are not dado or important business partner robert mitchell




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