Cafe + RDC New Rules I guess.

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1- Let's talk a little about something I've seen for a long ass time which is Cafe.
Now for a Cafeteria that's really Tanky don't ya think? 
Now can we get a new ruleset that dis-allows this shit because ya know, it's a fucking cafeteria, I can understand something like this at GG, but not at a Cafe, it's really annoying to deal with.

2- RDC: Can we have a time on that? Because people either forget about it leaving it on for 3+ hours straight which is kind off annoying.

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3 minutes ago, Makarov said:

If we were to restrict people from setting up defences in cafeteria for, say, MT, what do you suppose nu7 would do to defend it? People would be able to freely walk in without even being noticed

I would agree for light defenses like concrete barriers and sandbags but that there in the screenshot is overkill. 

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1 minute ago, Qas - Rick Lee said:

I would agree for light defenses but that there in the screenshot is overkill. 

It is not overkill. Its not like theres more than one GOI that nu7 have to deal with, heavily armed, some with grenades.

-1. This suggestion feels like its biased towards CI to me. Nothing personal btw Rick.

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11 minutes ago, Makarov said:

It is not overkill. Its not like theres more than one GOI that nu7 have to deal with, heavily armed, some with grenades.

-1. This suggestion feels like its biased towards CI to me. Nothing personal btw Rick.

It aight mate no worries, though I do have to say not only is there Cafe to deal with but also the corridors which are already a deathtrap if you ever had to fight at those.

Not only that but when you have Nu-7 slots full and other MTF's might join in on defending as well, say for example E-11 Commander and Specialists which both have player detectors with Aug's, G3A3's and G36C's they also have some firepower, same with Nu-7, Enlisted got G36C, NCO+ got AR's etc.
I'd say they're prepared for all kind of raids.

I can agree with the grenade part, as it can be devastating when used correctly. 


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- RDC is so powerful, to the point of making locking down GG useless, and would of gotten rules ages ago, if people just knew what it did and how to use it. 

- MT is a messy place, it's difficult for solo raids, but a cake walk for squad raids, because you can just gas it and Nu-7 have to fall back, where then you can kill any remaining Nu-7 and hunker down at Cafeteria as they can't do anything about it. While I agree, Cafeteria can be at times, tanky, that is okay, because it shouldn't be easy, or without heavy losses to enter the Foundation. You guys can create grenades, disguise as multiple foundation members, know most of the important uniforms, can buy powerful weapons from MC&D, etc. It's just that you need to plan it out and find a weak point, like if there is a site SCP breach, or the Nu-7 leave site for a raid.



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RDC isn't like GG where a lockdown would need a reason, thus, would stop.  Its Remote Door Control, aka being able to control it from the server room.  Its purpose is being used just recently, but doesnt change anything.

As long as MT dupes dont break any current rules (like funneling) there is no problem with having defenses.


Foundation is supposed to be hard to get into, and shouldn't be really changed.

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The MT defenses are unnecessary and often overkill, changing the layout of the facility which is weird and well unrealistic(why in the name of satan would the foundation fortify a cafeteria without knowing about an attack).

CI already has to go in without any knowledge of the current defenses or men present at MT, on top of that the grenades that CI has are easily countered, especially now cryo is gone or will be gone.

RDC is barely used and has existed for a while, personally i wouldnt mind a rule saying you cant use it without a proper reason but the current situation is acceptable and not problematic.

Point being: do something about the MT defenses which are unnecessary as well as it being easy enough to hold an MT raid on your own until back up arrives(without defenses), you can even retreat to the ez toilets hallway to funnel defenders even more.

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4 hours ago, Kinqu said:

Why not make Nu7 Build defences IN MT instead of Cafe?

To actually talk about that point.

It ain't bad, if the keycard door was at the MT bluedoor instead it would have worked nicely, but it isn't. Snd therefore I think its invalid really. 

I agree cafe shouldn't be a fortress,  but they are given few choices when they aren't allowed to build inside MT, but I'm sure they would love to build there instead.  

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I also would like a like from @Qas - Rick Lee


No but honestly. I think RDC should have a time out similarly to GG lockdown and regarding cafe dupes, sure. I think that overall there should be no defences placed there and instead re-allow to build shit at HCZ/EZ 2nd CP crossroads. That way there will be far less funnel and problem when coming down the MT ramp




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You guys don't have government-level defenses in Defcon 1 in your cafeteria? 
+1 because I thought of suggesting this but ended up deciding against it, still would be nice as CI would then not be killed the second they hack and maybe slightly further in.

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