Jack Whoreman

Unban request for Jack Whoreman

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Server you got banned from:werewolf gaming.net SCP-RP surface self-breaching PAC

Your name in-game:Can't relay rember but i belive i was Jack whoereman

Your SteamID:76561198219976199

Admins' name that banned you:Can't remeber

Admin's steamID:I don't know

Why did you get banned?:RDM


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:I think i deserve to be unban becouse i got ban years ago i think way back in 2017 then one day i think the server consol faild and i got unban for a day then i talk to an admin and he told me that i wasen't suppoes to be unban so he ban me and told me to come here and fill the unban request i didn't becouse i didn't know how to do it but now i have come back becouse i would like to play an actual SCP RP since the rest of the server.In my opinion.Don't take RP siriusly enought.

Anything else?: Please unban me i being ban since 2017 only being unban for a single day in 2018 maybe,I dont know and i got ban becouse i kill 2 d-class as an security guard becouse i was trying to egt back inside of the armore i yell at them to egt out of the way becouse they where stainding right infront the door and since they didn't move i just shot them.I hope i get unban enyways ill be awating for a answear to my unban request.Kisses ^w^.

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