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Unban Request

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Server you got banned from: Werwolfgaming Berlin Rp 1943

Your name in-game: Cannot Remember i was banned on Sep. 06. 2019

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:173321184

Steam ID 64 ( in case u need it aswell): 76561198306908096

Admins' name that banned you: Cannot Remember 

Admin's steamID: Cannot Remember 

Why did you get banned?: I have been banned because i have killed 2 people in the german area and was disrespectful to the admin. Im very sorry for that


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I think i deserve to be unbaned, because i have learned my lesson this was 1 year ago where i havent been behaving ok. I just saw the server in my history list again and wanted to play it with my friends again. Im very sorry for what happend a year ago it wont happen again for sure i have learned my lesson!

Anything else?: Im very sorry for my behaviour and i hope you will give me a second chance. I want to apologize to the people i have anoyed on this day!


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