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Your name in-game: Brandon Low

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:131956672

Person's you report name: (Various FailRP Names) - Terrorist Isis, Ketamine OP, Asian Dog Eater

Person's you report SteamID: STEAM_0:1:418138616

Why do you want him banned?: Minge - NH2RP

Evidence(It's a must. If not provided, request is denied.):


Key Points:

2:15 // 2:40 // 4:40 // 5:45

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46 minutes ago, popbob said:

I honestly don't get this report, nor the supposedly rules that he broke.

So first of all, why are you reporting a player who joined the server the first time (the guy literally has only 1 hour of in game time). Why are you even reporting him for NH2RP or mingery when he did just do what a someone who just joined would do. The only thing minor that he did was the failrp name, which we all can assume that he didn't read the text signs or simply didn't know it, which is reasonable (also why do people bitch so much about failrp names, like if that is the end of the world).

The guy or thing that he shoot at in 2:15 is unclear and it is not shown on your evidence, therefore invalid;the 2:40 i don't even know how that happened, but it wasn't him as you cannot place props while cuffed, and that wasn't even props, but ratter actually food who someone else spawned in (god knows who) which accidently happened to prop kill him and another guard, therefore it is not his fault; the 4:40 is what I guess accidental, since no one has been born teached, and there is no way that he knew that the airlock doors kills people, so in my opinion he didn't do that with the intention to minge; the 5:45 is normal in my eyes for a new or any player to do that (to be fair, everyone shoots the class ds instantly), as they are teached that class ds should remain on jails all times except during researches, if they escape or miss behave, the are to be terminated which is reasonable and logical, why even wanting to keep this high risk prisoners who clearly went rogue and can only harm Foundation? The guy did his job, it wasn't rdm.

So yes I ask once again to stop with this non sense boycotts towards new players, and instead of waisting about 30 minutes to make this thread and upload your video, teach him instead

Unfortunately, he was going around cuffing eveyone consisently and myself, Bob and another E-11 had to corner him and cuff under orders to stop him from doing it. He constantly harassed guards and some even killed him because he kept randomly walking up and cuffing them. My evidence doesn't proof this however but I believe that the statement should be made.

At 2:15 he shot and killed a Class D without warning him. This would make it (A)RDM as the most common reason for killing Class Ds is because you warned them before killing them. "You have warned the person before shooting them (countdown from 5 given)". He gave no warning before shooting a Class D dead.

I can definitely understand you with the 2:40 as from what it seemed to be were props which led to someone getting killed but it was in fact food. My main confusion was that the props/food were spawning directly in front of him. This was a mistake on my part and it may be excluded.

4:40, I can see where you're coming from but if a guard is trapped there you wouldn't exactly close a door on him as a fellow guard, you'd make sure he gets back into the airlock before closing the door. Regardless, this action resulted in the death of another person, albeit by accident, and therefore counts as ARDM.

5:45, I will have to state that Tiny Barry wasn't a Class D as, despite the dark view, you can see upon close inspection that he is wearing a shirt and tie. I will presume that he was playing Site Advisor but I cannot confirm. However he was definitely not playing as a Class D. This is RDM as he had absolutely no reason to kill Tiny Barry on the spot.


I was requested to record and create a ban request for this. I have tried my best above to explain to reasoning behind the request and some background information. Despite our attempts, he would not listen to us therefore we couldn't exactly teach him how to play the server correctly.

Thank you for the reply : )


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Player in question has already been banned by myself for some of the reasons you have talked about in your ban request as well as just general minging, ignoring staff and other security, going rogue and RDMing those who “didn’t agree with him”

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4 hours ago, Dimmy said:

Player in question has already been banned by myself for some of the reasons you have talked about in your ban request as well as just general minging, ignoring staff and other security, going rogue and RDMing those who “didn’t agree with him”

Thank you Dimmy, I'm glad you've stated you saw the same also. I appreciate you taking action.

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