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So, I’m gonna play some Star Wars in WW (werewolf) so I got a question before this shitty downloading content finishes (it better be worth it biaches (jk luv u bb) . So anyway. Here the question: 


what do think about Star Wars RP and how is it good?


pls answer it. Luv u! 


My my husbands are:


@Sethy which is my ex husband and

haroald mac maroels which is my Long lost husband. 😞


mister. ??? )in Star Wars)


hello wearwolf players




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Yes alot of thing actually 


You can achieve many things in the server such as weapons, ranks etc

This isn't the most serious RP server out there, for example people go around talking about OOC stuff in voice chat, unless it's interrogations, Adverts, voice amp or hosting a debrief to the server

The server just got LFS which made it even better with the vehicles giving some great effects in the battlefield during an event. We also have at least 3 event per day!!!!!!

Ranking up is easy tbf, cooldowns are low.

You have many choices of regiments, snipers,miniguns,healing,flying,explosion division, Flamethrowers and many more

We also have voice amps which make it so that one person can be heard around the map during events for clear oders over voice chat whic is fun.

You can see many more stuff once you hop on the server. On your arrival you will spawn as a cadet and will be trained to be a Clone Trooper, from there you get to choose to join  different regiment.

-Past Ranks

-No one cares




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