SCP 096 Application

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SCP 096

Object class: Euclid

Containment procedures: SCP 096 need in his cell, a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m airtight steel cube, whithout any window, cams inside his cell, every week need checks of any holes or cracks on the cell.

Any photo, video records needs to be accepted by Dr. Dan or the O5-█

SCP 096 cell for checking any crack or holes


Description: SCP 096 is an humanoid figure measuring 2.38, the arms of SCP 096 are grossly out of propotion measuring 1.50 meters. SCP 096's jaw can open 4 the norm of an average human, there are no sighs of higher brain of 096, 096 is extremely docile, the pressure sensor inside its cell indicating it spends most of day inside its cell.  By seen SCP 096's the face by video recording or photos, he will covers his face whit hands and start cry and screaming and however look at his face will be called scp 096-1, after first contact whit 096 he will chase 096-1 util kill him, seems like 096 have the sense of 096-1's location, after find his target he will start to kill SCP 096-1, 100% of cases there are no trace of 096-1 body. After killing  096-1, SCP 096 will sit down before returing docile. 

      SCRAMBLE gear: SCRAMBLE were state of art goggles featuring a new technology created by Dr. Dan, which delete all data of 096's face without beign killed by 096, used in the accident SCP-096-1-A

       SCRAMBLE gear                                                                                 


Effect of SCRAMBLE gear on 096's face (Video record on the accident SCP 096-1-A)


                                                                        !!WARNING AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY!!




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I’m just gonna lock this thread, there is a application here is link to said application 



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Your last application was just a description of the SCP, everyone said this in the replies, and the format was there. Due to you doing this twice, you will not be able to apply again for a temporary period.
You are receiving a temporary blacklist for 1 Month.

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