Rileys first EP application

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Basic info:
Steam name : R I L E Y;

Jedi Jr Consular Riley/CG PVT Riley


1w 5d


I used to staff a gmod darkrp server like a year ago and I was a very decent staff, forgot some commands but I remember most stuff


I have 1 warn which was on my first day as clone which was jumping off moonpool


Event plan:Clone


Enemies base HP amount 1,500

Enemies passive hp: 1,500
The republic has been hired to protect a valuable target from mercendaries. So battalion would order CG to bring the target to brig and protect the target and put the base on defcon 4 and when the mercendaries arrive base goes on defcon 3 and battalion is to order the clones to MC and DU sets down a lot of barricades and we do our best to hold down MC

327th:They would go with 501st and set up a little flank like thing to make sure no hostiles enter through MG
CG:They would be in brig protecting the target
501st:They would go with 327th to MG and make sure no hostiles enter

GC:They would go onto mountains and pick off any hostile they could
DU:They would set up barricades by MG for 501st and 327th and also set up barricades in brig and MC

CE:They would stack up in GR and make sure no hostiles got into the GR(couldn't get the CE color)

212th: They would be stationed in MC and make sure no hostiles enter HQ
74th: They would be by MG with 501st and 327th and make sure no injuries happen

CT:They would be in MC protecting HQ
GM: They would be in brig with CG flaming any hostile that entered

RC:They would be constantly moving around MB and mountains picking off any straglers
Battalion:They would be helping GC with sniper and taking out any hostiles in the vents

I would spawn the mercendaries on a mountain with one EC with a sniper and the sniper would stay while all the ecs went down the mountain and blew MG open and proceeded to light to base up with their weapons. They would then move in through the vents to GR fight off CE and shut the base down/ turn off GR, after this they would move through the shadows and try to find the target, once they found the brig they would try their hardest to enter but get fought off by the clones and then proceed to retreat


Event plan:Jedi

Map: Rishimoon
Enemies have 150k hp
They only have 1 life so their passive hp would be 150k

This event would take place in the jedi caves

The Jedi side: The Jedi would sense the presence of the dark side in their caves, they would go check it out and see that there is a giant ray shield inside the caves and inside the rayshield would be 2 cultists and a youngling on a table, one of the sith being a cult leader, and the other a cult follower, the jedi would try their best to get into the rayshield and fail, they then think together and sit around the ray shield in a circle and channel their energy into opening the ray shield, it would then work and they would then be engaged by the cultists, the jedi would win and they would save the youngling

The sith side: The sith would spawn in the caves I would then spawn in the building, a table and the rayshield to surround it,I would then place a youngling ragdoll on the table and tell the sith to surround it, once the jedi arrive one of the sith would go and chat with the jedi to make a distraction while the other one did /advert [RP] corrupts youngling 10%, when he gets to 80% I would remove the rayshield and the sith would then engage the jedi

 Event Information:Clone: A person has hired the republic to protect them from a big group of mercendaries hunting them, our job as clones is to protect the target at all costs

Jedi:two cultists stole a youngling and try to corrupt it in the caves, the jedi's job is to get the youngling back safely

No I have not made an event before but I have participated in many clone/jedi event so I know a lot about what to do and stuff

Never done one

EPs in my opinion are the reason the server is alive, they give the clones/jedi something to do and can also help admins with problems when the admins are held up. The EPs are to make sure and event goes as planned and to make sure that everyone in the event has fun and there are no problems.

Yes I fully understand and would love to be trained to be the best EP I can be

This is my first WG application so sorry if I missed anything or made it hard to read:)


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Didn’t even read everything 

Not got minimum requirements 

Not included everything that you need


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who cares




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-1 dont meet the requirements 

very very low playtime then some other candidates that have applied, however i do like the jedi side of the event but for clone nah, 


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6 hours ago, Riley said:

Battalion:They would be helping GC with sniper and taking out any hostiles in the vents

I didn't read the rest of this app, but I did spot this. It doesn't really make sense. For starters only the one GC Supevisor out of all non-Battalion Command members get the sniper. So the rest would be useless for this task. Also setting out specific task for Battalion in an event is a bit unconventional as we usually tag along with our supervised regiment.


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-extremely low play time

- Is just a another base attack with nothing extremely new

-Not extremely detailed 

- Sending batt to deal with sniper and to deal with people makes no sense

- Sending Gm to guard as well make not a lot of sense either


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-1 same as everyone else

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Unfortunately we feel like other candidates are better fitted for EP as of right now. Feel free to reapply once apps reopen again.

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