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Server you got banned from: SCP RP WEREWOLF GAMING

Your name in-game: Clans4024

Your SteamID:

Admins' name that banned you: Could not memorize it

Admin's steamID: Unclear to me

Why did you get banned?: It was my first hour or two in the game. As it's crystal clear, longer you play, better rank you get. And I was a security guard if I don't recall it wrongly. There was a spesific individual whom accent reminded me of someone from UK. Well technically he did not do anything physically but he called unpleasant things with his thick accent. Well I'm sure with you experience,  you are well aware no one can control these unpleasent language as every game platform shares. But at that time, he was the only one with mic annoying me. I could not bring my self to be patient and not to shoot him. After 5 or 10,  an Admin called us in, just 2 of us. I was more mad when he called an admin for shooting him, and I lost my temper and shot him again in front of the admin. I quit the game afterwards with my uncontrolled anger. After a while I have calmed down and decided to apologize from the admin if I could find him, but realized I got an permanent ban.

Evidence(Unnecessary): I do not have any evidence but my ban.

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I managed to disturb the community I was suppose to respect. I take full responsibility. I understand if my ban stays but I'd be more than glad if I could get one more little chance to prove my self a good gamer to staff and my fellow gamer friends if possible. 

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I only killed the same individual with a pistol 2 times, back when I was playing, there was'nt even a need of 15min guard training (info about rules) like in other scp servers, since it was my first time playing in an scp server. I did´nt even think killing D-personnel was a punishable matter. Can you ask the staff member who banned me what I did again, Im sure he must have some sort of info about that day.

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