Busvicke's Ban Appeal

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Server you got banned from: #1 SCP-RP

Your name in-game: busvicke

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:116287379

Admins' name that banned you: some weeb cant remember the name

Admin's steamID:

Why did you get banned?: NH2RP, perma ban


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I was chilling as d class waiting a solid hour for something to happen, but it never did. Me and some people were just having a bit fun while waiting, picking at the tier 3 simp they had as a guard camping the doors.dd and out of nowhere I get kicked and banned for "NH2RP" while there literally was no rp to attend.

Anything else?:


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Was there and i can say and also dimmy and norra can agree, you were being a utter retard.



Current Ranks:

[NRP] Kompanie "Caesar" Leutnant

[NRP] Gaustabsamt STV. Hauptamtsleiter 

[NRP] Moderator + Deputy Discord Staff Manager

[NRPWehrmacht Generalstab Hauptmann ( Chef d. Heeresverwaltung )

[IRL] Grass Toucher


old ranks;

who cares




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