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Nu-7 Suggestion / Training / OCS Idea

After reading this, is OCS a good idea or nah?  

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  1. 1. Should they add OCS for Nu-7? Let us know below!

    • No, it's a terrible idea!
    • Yes, it's a fantastic idea!

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Hello, I'm Loran Haselby. I only mainly change my username to PVT Loran Haselby, and Loran Haselby. Anyways, to the suggestion. My suggestion is regarding Nu-7. You should add some sort of new training for Nu-7 enlisted to become officers. Let me explain in depth,  you should add something that real army's have. It's called OCS for sort. OCS, aka Officer Candidate School is a training that E7's (First Sergeants), through to E9A (Command Sergeant Majors) go through to become an O1 (Second Lieutenant). OCS contains 3 phases of different training. I believe the total amount of weeks it goes for is 7 weeks. That's every phase added up. That's real life of course. No ones gonna wait, nor wanna wait 7 weeks to become an official officer within Nu-7. So, maybe make it 3 days per phase. 12 hours waiting time if you pass a phase. If I'm not mistaken, every phase is basically a sort of application or something. (Might be wrong about the only application thing, I know this information by heart). Anyways, you could do some application, then maybe some combat. Maybe some sniping for the combat, so they can master each gun to their ability. Anyways, OCS is a great idea, isn't it? It would prolly only be for Staff Sergeant or something. Maybe even First Sergeant if you decide to add that position/rank. Let me know what you guys think! 

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Who remembers the days when you would talk to your MANAGEMENT about suggestions you have for THEM to go to hierarchy about it. But if its a training to decide talk to management


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