Charles Akbar Watson

Charles Akbar Watson's SCP Site Director Application

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In Game Name: Charles Akbar Watson

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:62103708

Age: 18 

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: I have served as a high-ranking official on servers elsewhere, I was a Lt.Col on Icefuse MilitaryRP, A Russian General on MesaGaming Serious Military RP server, And I have been numerous ranks from Drill SGT. to Field Marshall on Arma 3.  
And i tend to play as SA or security LT on WG SCP. (Find 2 attached screenshots below, 1st is on a Military RP as a Japanese General and the second is a Senior Admin Position on Werewolf Gaming Nazi Occupation Roleplay, I was known as Burnt Muffin or Batman )

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: I feel like I would be a good candidate to put forward as Site Director, as im cool headed, mellow, and a spring that can leap into action when the time is needed for such actions, walking around and controlling the site as SA whilst the Director is away was a fantastic experience and i wish to progress through the SCP, ensuring that all D-Class, SCPs, and staff alike are up to the standard of the Secure, Contain, and Protect Foundation. I also stomped a D-class riot by controlling the Guards and E-11, arresting D-class and terminating the ones heavily armed. This leads me to my next point, I would also do physical checks and be active across the Comms, Instead of sitting in a room and getting everyone else to check things, id do it myself with a small escort therefore people actually see the SD and can speak to me and ask questions. I would also spectate over tests and ask realistic questions the Researchers, this would enhance roleplay, possibly making it more indepth. 

I also think i would be good as i know and understand the rules and be able to deal with situations without causing a broken rule, i have played SA alot, and most of the time, myself and the other SA end up directing during breaches. I would keep serious as SD, not jumping around and not assisting anyone. 

And that brings me to my final point, I speak to people with respect from the low to the high, i enjoy people enjoying themselves in a sensible manner. 

What role does the Site Director have on the site?: The Site Director works for the 05 Council, reporting directly to them and everything he learns, hears and sees should be reported to the Council at the approtire time, However, within the site itself, the SD is there to ensure everything runs smoothly, from SCP Tests to Surface secrecy, He also is the one who makes the biggest decisions and plans of the site, such as breach plans, raid plans etc. 

What is the O5 Council?: Its the HR of the SCP foundation in simple terms, they control everything, everyone, and every movement that anyone or anything makes under the control of the SCP Foundation, They're practically Ghosts to any basic staff, and those under Level 2, even sometimes 3.. Don't even know they're a thing but as high as Site Directors can go an entire career without seeing an 05 Council Member face to face,  They also have the capability to make any employee under the SCP Foundation vanish, this allows them to maintain and control practically every black sites the SCP owns and runs.
(((((( EDIT---- Playtime is now 2D 10H and ill update regularly ----EDIT )))))))

Please Find Attached Document For Facial Viewing Enjoyment And A Picture Of My Warn Menu:- i now have 1 for a stupid reason but anyhow. 
Thank You. 


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Missed Details.
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18 hours ago, Fayne™ said:

Neutral/-1  very low playtime , the O5 description is kind of meh , the rest of the app is pretty good though 

I must admit, i slacked a little on the last point as i was tired and my mind began to dwell into blankness, I've edited and added what probably should of been there in the first place. 
Thank you.

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Your application for site director has been ACCEPTED

Although I am not too happy about the last two sections you went into great detail about why you would make a good SD. I want to give you a chance as it seems you have some decent understanding about being a SD and seem to be willing to learn from experience. Do not make me regret it.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

(Contact me Fixer#5863)

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