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Make Terminals available for Site Administration and other people

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I think that terminals should be available to Site Administrations and other people because Terminals can be used for Wiremod and as a private communication between different people directly. This can be useful if Foundation communications have been compromised as users can rely on terminals for alternate communication. For HRs, for example a Head Researcher, this can be useful if they wish to transfer files from tests which they have done to other Researchers, or if Field Agents wanted to communicate with one another from the surface to the Foundation. Terminals can have passwords added to themselves to themselves so unauthorised people can't get though. This is the same with Networks - people who do not have the password cannot access it and message other users on that Network.

However, if they would like to obtain one at this stage, they would need an IT Tech and half the time the IT Tech jobs are empty due to the lack of things you can do as the job. Also, if said IT Tech leaves the job, the terminal will be removed. This can be inconvenient if the person wants to keep the terminal or is currently using it. By making the entity available to Site Administration and others, they will be able to keep the terminal, if they wish to use it, and can keep it for as long as they like.

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