Kirk Prentice's Staff App

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Name: Ben Prentice


What country are you from?: England, United Kingdom


How well do you speak and understand English?: I understand and speak English fluently


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:520422792


In-Game name(s): (Dr/PVT/Ect...) Kirk Prentice


Age: 15


Play Time. Must be at least 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP): 3w 3d 10h


Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: Plat VIP


Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I have an OK sounding microphone


Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?: Yes


Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): I think you should pick me because i am once again a very active player and I am very experience with the server. I know a lot about the server and I have some experience of rule breakers within the server. I may have gotten lots of warns however those occurred over a year ago when i first joined and hadn't done much RP at the time. I am a very sensible person who always likes to make sure the RP is being followed properly so everyone can have as much fun as each other. I may not have any past staff experience on Gmod I am head admin In two discord servers and I can enforce rules in a friendly way so everyone feels happy. Although i took a break from the server I came back about a month ago and since then have been playing whenever I can. I have always loved this server and even though i'm not on the staff team i will always make sure that the rules are being followed so everyone can have a fun time on the RP server. When i'm doing something i enjoy i will always put lots of effort into it and i will apply this into the server. I mostly try to be friendly in admin sits however if needed i can be sensible and get the situation sorted if need be. also through my staffing experience in discord I have learnt to deal with idiots and how to deal with tough situations. I would be grateful if you could give me a chance and let me prove my worth as a member of staff in the server.

How long will you be able to play per day?: On weekdays about 5-6 hours and on weekends about 12-13


Any past experience as staff?: I have no past experience as staff on gmod however I have lots of experience on discord and other platforms


Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.): I have a total of 11 warns for various reasons however those warns took place over a year ago and I have learnt my lessons. Since I have started to play on the server again I have not gotten a single warn or ban.  


Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: yes i know some of them. For example:

!warn is to warn a player

!xban is to ban a player

!kick is to kick a player

!god is to go into god mode (i.e. become immortal)

!bring is to teleport a player to your position

!return is to return a player to their original position

!freeze is to freeze a player

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):

 The SCP-RP game mode we play is based on the realm of the SCP foundation, a fictional universe where a secret government founded foundation looks to contain anomalous entities and objects. The whole idea of it came from a fan made wiki with over 6000 documents explaining all the anomalies. Within the RP server you role play as characters within everyday scenarios within a "site" (a scp foundation building that is underground and hidden to test and contain SCPs).

Within the server there are two sides: the foundation and the surface. Both sides of the RP have different rules and different aspects of RP but they both link together. 

The Foundation's main goal is to secure, contain and test the anomalies that they have on site. There are many jobs in the foundation; the scientific department looks into researching and learning about these SCPs and they devote their lives to learning and understanding why an SCP does a certain thing. The security department works on general security of the site, they mostly stay around D-block however if instructed to by the HoS they can roam the site freely.  The MTF forces are in the foundation as mobile armed units, E-11 and B-7 work to contain anomalies when they have escaped and NU-7 work as a security force for anything to do with the surface. Finally The Administration department is the backbone to the SCP foundation, it runs like a pyramid: the 05 are in the shadows and control everything like a puppet, they then control the head of external affairs and site director, they then control the site advisers and the external affairs agents. Overall there are many jobs and factors within the foundation and they all work towards the same goal: to secure, contain and protect.

On the other side of the story there is the surface, Ovis city is a normal town but the old subway station has been turned into the entrance into the facility. the surface has normal things like the mayor and the police force (who focus on keeping the law in Ovis City) however you also have some groups the foundation know as GOIs; the CI (also known as the chaos insurgency) are a group that work against the foundation and they try to steal anomalies and utilise them for their own use, this causes many problems for the foundation including many raids from the CI. You also have the MCND which are a club that currently are set up in Ovis City, they seem like a normal club but secretly they deal guns and ammo for the people up in Ovis City. Overall the Surface RP should be like a normal town but for the GOIs they are to raid the foundation and infiltrate the security.

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).: 

Yes, I understand all of the basic rules and some of the more advanced ones. These rules are split up into different groups: combat rules, role play rules, building rules and job rules.

Combat rules: combat rules are linked to the combat RP which is one of the most important parts of the RP server. The combat RP rules make sure that everyone uses their weapons as if it was a situation within the realm of SCP. Some examples of basic combat RP rules;

-RDM, also known as a random death match. This refers to when a player kills another player with no RP reason and then killing the other player has no real RP reason. this can result in a warning.

-MRDM, also known as mass RDM. This refers to when a player kills multiple people with no RP reason, it is RDM but with multiple people dying for no reason. This can result in a ban or even a perma-ban if they kill over 9 people within a small window of time.

-Combat Baiting. This is when a player is trying to start a conflict for no RP reason.

Roleplay rules: the RP rules are essential for any RP server, these rules are to be followed strictly so that everyone can enjoy the server and follow how the RP should be played. Some examples of basic roleplay rules;

-Metagaming, this refers to using out of character (OOC) information in character (IC), this means that your character knows information they wouldn't necessarily know in RP. This can result in a warning.

-FearRP, this refers to people not following orders whilst in cuffs and at gunpoint. failing to follow fearRP can result in a warning.

-FailRP Name, this refers to when a player has not got a proper RP name (I.e. First name and last name). This can result in a warning if not changed when told to.

-FailRP, this can refer to a multitude of things such as 106 abusing no-clip. usually you will get told off by an admin but if you continue to do the same thing it could result in a warning.

-NLR, this refers to the rule that when you die you can't remember the things that happened in your past life, there is an area around where you die that if you go in you "break NLR'', the rules state that as long as you are just passing through it and you know  that you can't remember what happens in your past life then it shouldn't result in anything. breaking it multiple times on purpose can result in a warning.

Gary's Mod as a game has building in it, this can be utilised within RP to enhance the experience however there are some rules to follow to make sure it doesn't ruin the RP. Some examples of the basic building rules;

-Prop kill, this refers to killing a player with a prop. this can be accidental so as long as it wasn't on purpose you should be fine. if it is on purpose it does fall under RDM as well as prop kill so you will get a warning.

-Prop spam, this refers to spamming the same prop for no reason and this can be used to crash the server. This can result in a warning as well as a ban.

Job rules are so that jobs know what they are doing and where they stand within RP. These rules mostly apply to scp however a general one for foundation jobs is to know the chain of command, to know who you can command as well as who can command you. some basic examples of Job rules;

-FailRP force breach, this is when an scp breaches without perms to (I.e. 999/2295/2048 leaving the foundation without admin perm, a zombie from 008 or 049 leaving containment without the original scp breaching, scp 096 looking in the direction or people to get more kills, 106 no-clipping out of his cube whilst it is raised). breaking this will usually end up in a lesson from the admins but if you do it multiple times it can result in a warning.

I have read through the rules multiple times and I understand them all.

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- Is an pretty alright application

- Name rings a bell but I don’t fully remember you

- 11 warns, but I’ve seen worse

- Has some ULX knowledge despite not being staff before 

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A few things about the Rules section:

"This can result in a ban or even a perma-ban if they kill over 9 people within a small window of time." ~ where did the number 9 come from, it isnt how we officall define it, and neither is the rough guideline we sometimes give tmods when to consider MRDM.

"Combat Baiting. This is when a player is trying to start a conflict for no RP reason." - Where did this even come from?. its not in our ruleset, [most cases which this would apply to, are covered by other rules like trolling]

Also you specificly pointed out Building rules .... but the 2 rules you listed .... are not directly related to building, but props.

Also why did you try to include Punishments on every rule, from reading them I can tell you clearly don't actually know the punishments, which is ofc fine since you aren't staff yet, but I fail to see your reasoning.

I would still give you a +1 as the app is fine, aslong as you respond to this in any way [so I know ya actually paying attention to what happens on your apps]

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