Favorite SCP and Why?

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Hi guys,

My friend Alan Walker and I have been unfortunately banned from the server. We have appealed, and would appreciate if you guys may check out our appeals and give us +1!

In the meantime, we want to understand who everybody's favorite SCP is, and why? 

I can say certainly that mine is SCP-096! This tall, mysterious being, looming over you - its height dominating you; its skin, a pale creamy white. Claws stretched sharply, attached to abnormally bony hands, proceeds into lanky, creaking arms! 

I think that if I had to speak for my friend Alan Walker, he would say either SCP-999 or SCP 682. 
I quote: "SCP-999 is like a gelatinous ball of peanut-butter delicousness that you'd love to scoff!",
                "SCP-682 is an unforgiving, relentless man-eater, woman-hater, unflattering earth shaker!". 

What about you guys?

When you're done commenting, please check our profiles to be referred to our ban appeals. Every reaction helps!



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