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What is your favourite SCP

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Upon being released from my eternal mute, I have decided it is time to go back to square one, this was a thread started by @Rogueand must be continued.

So I pose the question: What is your favourite SCP?

Mine is the IKEA


- MP40 recoil slightly increased. - StG44 recoil decreased and damage increased.


- Bren Firerate increased to 570 from 540.
- StG44 firerate increased from 560RPM to 630RPM.
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mine is SCP-258 as he is really cool and great to be around


Ranks Within Werewolf Gaming


[SWRP] Senior Event Planner

[HLRP] Senior Moderator



[HLRP] Lambda

[NRP] Rottmeister 



Previous Ranks Within Werewolf Gaming

Staff Ranks

[SWRP] Administrator

In Character Ranks

[SWRP] Plo Koon 

[SWRP] 91st 2nd Lieutenant
[NRP] Richter 

[SWRP] Honour Guard
[SWRP] Battalion 1st Lieutenant




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SCP 2399.

Just watch this video:

You will know why i love this SCP

Current Ranks: None

Former Ranks:                                                   Started Playing WG SCP-RP in 2016                                                 

COTBG Deacon [2017] | Head Researcher  [2017 - ???] [SCP-RP] (Major changes to the job annulled my WL)

212th EXO [2018] | 212th Vice Commander [2020] | 212th SO + 74th Member + CE Member [2021] |

212th SO [2022] | Battalion Officer [2022] | 212th SO [2023] | 41st Captain [2024]

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Either SCP-4001 or SCP-096, the idea of 4001 is amazing and the endless possibilities of testing that could be used, meanwhile 096 has a lot of tales on him and the 4k movie of him on youtube was amazing and made me think 096 is even more badass than already thought, despite being a depressive fuck. However tale wise SCP-5000 has to be best.


Meanwhile if you think any 001 proposal is better than Day break you opinion is invalid

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