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Common Roleplay Name: Fordsman Cooper

Steam Name: Lightsoulist

Discord Name: Brandon Viper or I hate all of you#1900

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:432500005

Your Current Warns (15 warn limit, take a screenshot): 

The 2 pac warns are a little bit of bullshit but eh I'll deal with em.


Your Current Playtime:

3 weeks 17 hours and 7 minutes as of right now

Why do you want to join MC&D?:

I want to join it cause 1 it is a new whitelist and the new changes will bring something different for me to do while on the server. The other is that since the MC&D is a vendor of sort of anomalous and other weaponry people actively seek him to gain stuff. Because of that they interact with with most everyone on surface and and is up to them to provide the surface with good RP. That is why I want to join the job so that I can give more "ROLEPLAY" to this server other then "Sees anomaly as GOC and shoots them"(even though they don't the anomaly just runs away and it caused the GOC to murder them) or "basically metagames ci spy into non-existence." I played on ughhh atlas uprising so I know how to roleplay somewhat cause they basically live and die by roleplay and sucking dick while saying dont be toxic but that's besides the point. Tldr I want to join so that I can bring something new to surface and give people who are playing mc&d agent or bouncer a good time and make them want to say and enjoy the server more.

How often do you play Bouncer/Agent:

No but I do play the (bitch) administration job ECM do I do understand how to command people some what and how to bluff and make threats to get stuff done and don't take bullshit from others if they don't follow orders. If needed I will play some of either in order get some more trust from management of MC&D to acquire this whitelist.

Have you read the job rules (In the Rules thread) and the Code of Conduct/Permissions in this thread?(One word is not a valid answer):

Yes I have indeed read and accept all of the rules created for this job and will follow them when I am on it.

Thanks gamers for reading this now you can go do whatever. 


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