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Name: Ben [Private For Reasons]

What country are you from?: United Kingdom

How well do you speak and understand English?: I speak and understand  English perfectly.

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:82619021

In-Game name(s): | Matthew Lead |

Age: 15

Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP): 3weeks 0d 3h [Starting to update]
Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: Platinum VIP

Do you have a microphone?: No (New one should be coming)

Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?: Yes I do and I am familiar with how to use it.

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum)

My first reason about why you should pick me is because I am a reliable and hard-working, and I may be 15 but I think of myself as mature when I'm in all kinds of situations. I am able to play for a large amount of the day due to lockdown and my family being restriced, which means I am on when theres a shortage of staff playing, or when most go off. When there are more serious situations on the server I try to handle it to the best of my abilities, such as calming the person down and treating them like a real person while sorting what happend.

My next reason is that I used to be a staff member, I have knowledge of the ULX commands and how to correctly use the staff tools. I have been staff on a couple other servers which also gives me the experiance I need to aid the server, such as being trustworthy and helpful, being staff has also giving me more confidence in my actions which means I will take less time to complete sits and to give punishments to players without being too soft or harsh. Due to a couple mistakes in the past I have become more truthful which means I wont hold back on the details of what I do wrong.

In my past experiance as a Staff member I treated people with respect,kindness and the way I wanted to be treated, I let people be heard and explain whats happend to them. Even when im not as staff I try to help people if they ask a question or need help.

How long will you be able to play per day?:

Due to lockdown and my current schedule I can manage about 2-5 hours daily.

Any past experience as staff?:

DarkRP - Moderator | SCPRP - Senior Moderator | DarkRP - Admin |

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.): I have 4 warns, 3 from over a year ago and 1 last year. I can't recall why I did what I did but it was most likely because i was new and was messing around like some players do. For the other warning i do not know fully why i recieved it as i cant recall "moving my face deliberty as 096".
Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: Yes, I understand how to use the basic commands:

!bring "Richard" |

!Freeze "Richard" |

!god "Richard" [Grants invincibility] |

!jail "Richard" [Seconds] !unjail "Richard" Jails person permantly if time is 0 |

!Cloak / !Uncloak Makes person invisible |

!Kick "Richard" [Reason]

!ban  "Richard" / SteamID [minutes] [Reason] | !Unban [SteamID] |!xban|

!slap "Richard" [Amount of times slapped] Slapped, can add damage.

!gag / Ungag | Stops playing from being able to use Voice chat. | !mute/!unmute Stops player using chat.

!goto /  !return | Teleports to player | Returns player or self.

!Noclip - Grants person to fly.

!Stopsound / !Cleardecals

!warns [Name | SteamID]

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):


SCP RP is a game to recreate the day-to-day lifestyle of the SCP foundation from the SCP Wiki page. Which is about an organization that experiments on anomalies that do not listen to the rules of physics. There are more organizations that have different ideas with what to do with these anomalies. The foundation has funding from the largest governments, but is secret from everything else. They have many sites but this one is placed under Oviscity without any of the residents knowing of its existent.


An important part of the Foundation is the researchers, as they gather information and results from tests on the anomalies called "SCPs". They collect this data to learn more about them to prevent any catastrophic events to occur. There are also a few other branches within this organization to keep it safe from enemies which I mention.

Guards + MTF

The Foundation has different security branches such as Guards which patrol and main checkpoints and to aid researchers in their tests, also to keep D-class under control. However there are more specialised groups, such as MTF [Mobile Task Force] which contain SCPs if they escape, and to fight enemies of the foundation. There is Site Administration which is for players who prefer to keep the facility in order and possibly debates, including Department of External Affairs which deals with contact to GOIs and anomalous on the surface.

Enemys Of The Foundation

The enemies or opponents of the foundation are called GOIs, and they have different interests for the SCPs, some GOIs are within a neutral agreement with the foundation. But the ones who are not can infiltrate or steal within the foundation which provides  a connected RP between the 2. Infiltrators can disguise themselfs as foundation employees to enter the facility and to steal infomation,let loose SCPs,kill members of the foundation and take hostages.

Clearance Levels

The foundation has 5 different clearance levels:

Clearance 1 - Given to low level employees such as service personel.

Clearance 2 - Given to Junior Researchers and a few Secrurity Guards.

Clearance 3 - Given to most foundation members, gives more access to the facility and more permissions to perform  tests on SCPs.

Clearance 4 - Given to Site Administration members and MTF commanders to keep the site more secure and functioning correctly.

Clearance 5 - Given to members of the O5 Council which allows them acces to everything in the site.

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).: Yes I understand the rules.

RDM: Killing a player without any valid reason to do so in RP | MassRDM: Multiple RDMs

MetaGaming: Knowing something in RP that you shouldnt know | E.G Knowing facts about SCPs as D-Class

LTAP: Leaving the game to avoid any punishments from Staff. | LTARP:  Leaving the game to avoid RP situations.

NLR: When you die you forgot about your past life and cant return to your death spot for 5 minutes.

FailRP: Doing something whilst in RP that you wouldn't/couldn't do in real life.

spamming: Using microphone to spam music,sounds and loud noises.

PropFly: using props to fly.

This is just a small list but I checkup on the rules now and then to make sure im caught up on what I need to know.

Thank you for reading my app and I hope you enjoyed it.

[Word Count: 1016]

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good lad

good luck

if viktor recommends you i agree completly


Current Ranks:

[NRP] Kompanie "Caesar" Leutnant

[NRP] Gaustabsamt STV. Hauptamtsleiter 

[NRP] Moderator + Deputy Discord Staff Manager

[NRPWehrmacht Generalstab Hauptmann ( Chef d. Heeresverwaltung )

[IRL] Grass Toucher


old ranks;

who cares




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- Never seen you on.

- I remember you as the staff member who was level 47 and didn't know really anything. 

- Meh app (The "Why should we pick you?" section was kinda lazy with you explaining why you wanted to join the Staff team to control D-Block?)

- Your playtime I feel as though is a bit over-inflated. 


Overall, being staff is easy and you could always learn, but I'm just saying that you might want to improve some things. 




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1 hour ago, WolfyGT said:


As Gordon said the "Why should we pick you" area is rather lazy, mostly filler and waffle.

thank you for the reply, I read that section again and realised it seemed lazy. I have changed it and thought more about this time and why I really should be picked. I will update it if I feel I have more to add to it. 

Once again thank you for the reply

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