Zack Wood

096 application

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id like to be 096 cuz i think it would be kinda cool runing around like kinda but like yeah i would like to be tall white person that would be fun and i really enjoy scp rp so plz concider me 2 b 096-1 i rlly want the whitelist scp rp is my favourite game mode and i play it because its fun so i would likea chance to improve my rp experience and me being 096 will iomprove rp experience with everyone ebecause i wil intrtoduce rp to the server im also buy platinum vip and lebvel 50 so i am donate to the community which show i love it and i donate but realise i cant be 096 like wtf i spent money to be scps but i cant be my favourite white supremisist wtf yu guys should remove whitelist i wrlly want to be 096 you all suck remove its whitelist cuz 

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