I was threatened to be DDOSED

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Your In-Game name: N/A Was over discord

Offender's In-Game name/s: Owlbear, Vision

Steam ID of the offender/s: (http://steamidfinder.com:  Owlbear - 
STEAM_0:1:125275768   Vision - STEAM_0:1:116943830

Why should the offender/offenders be banned?:
Said Below

Evidence: (screenshots, videos)
Shown Below

Anything else to add:

Hi, this may seem like a joke thread i promise it is not. Earlier today around 7:30-8:00PM (GMT) i was threatened to be DDOSED. The servers rules directly say that threating to be DDOSED is a PERM-Bannable offense. I do not have a recording of this matter however, i have many testimonials which can verify this happening including senior staff and Heirachy.

While i was not in the jedi knight channel which i kept getting dragged into for some reason, a member of jedi by the name Vision, said "shall i get his ip" reffering to me after i had triggered them in jedi chat which i will admit was immature, Another jedi member by the name of owlbear said "Yeah, DDOS him". This can be proven and verified by:

-Enzy/Bobby Bands (Swrp Staff)
-Navas (SWRP DEM)
-Barry (SWRP Event Planner)
-Solaire (Swrp Senior Staff) (he may not want to admit it but there is photo evidence)
-JH (SWRP Event Planner)
and many more non staff members

I have screenshots of Senior staff admiting they heard him say it, But just as a "joke"
As well as vision admiting it: https://i.imgur.com/VWVpyZc.png

I have other screenshots as well but those are more sensetive so will only provide them if asked.

Jedi members have then made unsubstantiated claims of me impersonating another, that being jh who was okay with it and was done between two consenting people as a joke and this DDOS threat was not. I however do not think a ddos threat can ever be funny.

In their defense, they also acused me of doxxing a member of jedi by the name of shadow by showing a photo of him when he was in a PUBLIC Discord channel and was not a dox at all they are just grabbing for straws

I may be somewhat braindead and retarded but in the real world i work from home atm and require the internet for my livelyhood and all jokes aside i do not think that threating my source of real income is ever or will ever be a joke.

(the reason i have made a forum post is i believe it may be swept under the rug due to bias and a lack of need to deal with it)


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The request is pending as I specifically told you that the situation will be dealt with after I speak with everyone that took part in this. This might take more time than normal, but to avoid bias decisions I will not take action until I have heard both sides. It is only fair.


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