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n-Game Name:David Richardson



In-Game Time [Proof Required]:00ww 6d 00m 30s

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions:i was an LT for sometime

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?:cause i wont be minging or be stupid like some plays do on the server.

What role does the Site Director have on the site?: the site director is a positioned between level 4 and the 05 council 

What is the O5 Council?:the 05 council is the ruling body of the SCP foundation consisting of 13 individuals

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-1 I think you need more experience playing in Site Administration (Site Adviser / DoEA) and also come up with a better application before you decide to apply SD



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Negative -1

Never seen you playing as administration

Compared to others and even the normal standard this application does not meet the requirements of what you need to put to be considered an SD. For example the "What is the role of an SD:" you didn't even answer the question you just stated the clearance level of the SD rank.

Application shows no understanding of the actual role of SD and it seems like you just want a high ranking role for the reason of just having a high ranking role

No past experience in leadership role, LT doesn't really lead much as they just listen to the HoS what is the leading role but I get where you are coming from. However I recommend playing more Administration roles like Site Advisor so you can learn how to control all aspects of the foundation and not just ordering around security guards to certain positions.

Overall I believe that you need to spend more time on administration, put a lot more effort into your application (look at other peoples if you need inspiration but do not copy) and learn what exactly it is the SD does as you have not demonstrated any understanding of it in this application to me personally. I do not see this getting accepted due to the normal amount of effort I've seen put into other applications but good luck and if this does get denied I hope you take the feedback from everyone reapply at a later date with a more detailed application and more experience.

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First off, you need to prove that you have that play time by posting a screenshot about it.

When it said "What is the SD's role?", you replied with "the site director is a positioned between level 4 and the 05 council ". Which was not the question. It asked what role. Like what does he have to do and why he is important. 

You need more experience, bud. I hope you try again and actually put more effort into it. 😉


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