Rex [W-G]

Un-Warn Request -REX

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My In-Game name:REX


Steam Name:REX

What is the reason for your warn: :
failrp and job abuse

Name of the staff member who banned you: Razor[ep]

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: I was told these two warns come under the other  warn  of PME so i feel they were not needed to be added if they come under one which i was informed they do

Evidence: See PME warn under my steam id on server



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The Job Abuse warn came from what I have been informed on was swapping to the Detainment Droid job to initially intent to free them. I believe the warn is badly worded. 

FailRP can go as covered in PME



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The intention of playing DD was to PME, therefore the warn will be merged with the PME warn. Although, CG hierarchy will be the ones dealing with it, not staff.

The FailRP warn is literally the PME, so it will be removed.



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