Chaos Insurgency Shock Operative Application

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RP-Name: Joseph Silver

SteamID: OliH05  
ID: 76561198139384394

Playtime: 1d 11h

In-game Warnings: 3 all for RDM/Revenge RDM 

Have you read the rules of SCPRP and understand them?: I have read and understand the rules surrounding RP and when/ when not to kill and or arrest others, I acknowledge the proper way to approach RP situations and will aim to do so to the best of my ability.

Have you read the Chaos Insurgency Shock Op rules and understand them? Yes i have read the rules surrounding the chaos insurgency shock op and understand what to do in certain scenarios. Especially when breaking into the facility.

Are you able to play the job often and RP correctly?: I am on frequently and can play the server up to an hour or two a day.

Reasons for wanting to apply: I feel the role would be a fun new experience on the server.

Thankyou for reading my application and i hope you take it into consideration.

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low playtime

really short app

never seen you in game

Had a bunch of WL but the cool ones are that I currently have.

Marshall, Carter and Dark Salesmen (Current manager)

Alpha-1 Commander

O5-8 "The Gangster"

Director of the Department of External Affairs

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