Lower 212th CO+ TL50 to NCO+

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What your suggestion is:
Reason for TL-50 to be lowered to NCO is NCO's only get a grenade that we dont use alot because it will most likely kill friendlies.
 Waiting till CO for a new gun and (1 explosive that we dont use alot) so it just takes too long so when new people join regiment  they will know that they only have to wait a week to get a new gun instead of waiting 2-3 weeks for CO. and RPG will be obviously good reward at SO as it is now.

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Any additional information:

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Although I understand the point you’re trying to make, doing that will kill the sense of achievement. You rank up to acquire new equipment.

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Big +1

The only new thing you get as NCO is a grenade, which most people dont even like using it. Lowering the Repeating Blaster "TL-50" would be pretty cool and add something to the NCO loadout instead of the situational usage of the Grenades in which might include Friendly Fire in the process. 

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However, if this change is put into effect, i'd ask that the thermal detonators go up to CO, as 212th have literally claimed themselves it can lead to friendly fire, and having someone who is in the regiment for about 5 days with access to a grenade is pretty dumb.

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Grenades are dookie, I would rather have a better blaster than some bouncy balls to throw at droids.
I would change so that dets are given at CO to ensure that the person using them has a better idea of when to use them. 

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