RDM Warn for 2 shot

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I got warned for RDM for shooting 2 shots at a person after he shot me several times even after i told him i was a friendly,

Pingu didn't warn the 212th i shot after he shot me multiple times wile walking away when i said i'm a friendly, But warned me for RDM while i shot once, 

That is preaty BS if u ask me since u can sort that out whit a verbal warning atleast 

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You were a wookie in an event where all the hostiles were wookies. That itself is incredibly dumb, you can't blame anyone for shooting you a few times. But once you two confronted each other you killed Hazard in revenge.

Also you didn't use the template.


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Firstly, use the template


Secondly, I will start by explaining what happened

So when Hazard made the claim I checked logs to see that you killed him. I then got both sides of the story and from that I concluded that Hazard shot you a few times in confusion and then you revealed yourself as friendly. After that you then shot him back and killed him. 

The reason Hazard didn't get warned is because the reason he shot you was because you were a Wookie in an event where Wookies were considered the hostiles. The reason you got warned is because for some reason you decided to shoot Hazard in revenge which resulted in him dying, that is considered RDM.

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Those logs are clearly from a different time. If that was the combat log from the warn, it would show that Hazard was dead, and it would show damage deal to and from both people.


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Unfortantly flicker we told you in TS not to go wookie in a event where Wookies were hostiles we told you that you will get shot by clones but when it happened you shot back

plus no template

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When i retreated from frontlines due to our nades being too powerful i saw 1 wookie shooting clones and then i saw you 2nd wookie what i assumed flanking from the trees i shot you couple times then noticed you crouch as a friendly then i came close and you said why tf you shooting me i explained and then you went ok fuck you and took my shield in 1 shot and when i tried to hide you/run away you executed me/shot me in the back and i was 40 hp.  and i would trust pingus decision as he has the logs and can see what exactly happened

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Didn't use template or even bother providing a name or SteamID. An accidental shootout between friendlies most of the time ends up in being forgiven. But yours was intentional and unjustified in every way. Next time refrain from shooting back and instead call it out in comms or contact staff.


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