Vaas Alex

hmm maybe I should apply for staff

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guys I know probably not many people know me but hear me out here.
I'm a best roleplayer, I know a lot about wiremod (which plays a big role on the server (at least I hope it still does)), I have a lot of practical experience with it (I literally made the owner-co-owner-whatever-he-was of the server and most of the regular community too jealous of my skills), I know a bunch about the scp universe itself, and I have a lot of playtime!! my average hours-per-day in the last 1.5 years may be zero but hey that's just dumb statistics, why should you ever fully believe statistics on a semi-nah-not-really-serious videogame server???

so yeah I believe I would make a great staff member!!!! what do you people think?????

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