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Ace Rews Staff Application

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Ace Rews Staff Application

Name: Benjamin [Redacted] This is for my safety , Happy to give full name to higher members of staff.


What country are you from?: England


How well do you speak and understand English?: English is my native language.


SteamID: STEAM_0:0:125490092


In-Game name(s):Ace Rews Or Agent Rews




Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP):1 Week 6 Days 


Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: I have Platinum VIP


Do you have a microphone?:

I do have a microphone and I will also be purchasing a new one for better quality.


Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?:

I currently have the Werwolf Gaming TeamSpeak as my main connection.


Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): 

I think that there are quite a few reasons why I should be picked as staff. The first reason which I feel that is such an important reason and key skill are my interpersonal skills as I'm such an approachable person and extremely good under stressful situations and make the best out of them so conflict wont accelerate and get further and get worse. I love interacting with people even if it's for just a bit of assistance that may take time out of my day but I don't mind as I feel that everyone should have a good time whilst playing the server and not left for them to feel confused or lonely. The next reason is that I am extremely cool headed and rarely seen losing my temper for any reason and think that is necessary because joining a staff team will throw a lot of different scenarios at you and losing your temper at a player or another staff member is very irresponsible and shows that I would not be staff team worthy if I ever did something of that nature but because I've never been known for this I would fit in very nicely in the staff team and be a good addition. I am very good when it comes to punishments and I have been known to be very fair with them I won't punish every person I come across that would have broken a rule I won't instantly warm them and send them on their way back to playing because they wound not understand correctly why they were warned I would take about a minute or so just going over ow they did it and what they can do to prevent it again and I won't warn them if it was by mistake and they generally didn't mean but if I came across a player who was doing it on purpose but was trying to make excuses I would see it almost instantly and each different way a rule is broken I will find the best way fit for the to be warned or if its a lot worse than just a warn I would seek a ban to make sure the would never re do it against and ruining the Role Play for the other players on the server who want to have fun during their free time. The final reason why I think I should be chosen to join the staff team is because of my activity on the server and how long I will play for, I will be playing for quite a lot each day and as I previously stated if I was not going to be on for a day or two for any reason I would let a fellow member of staff know and make sure there will be enough on for that day.

How long will you be able to play per day?:

I will most likely play everyday and the time that I will be playing will average around from 2 to 6 hours per day and if I cannot join on a specific day I will let a fellow staff member know that I wont be on for the day.


Any past experience as staff?: 

I do, I will list my experience below:

Paradise Gaming - DarkRP - I served as senior admin as well as stepping in at times to fill the role of chief of staff whilst he was inactive or away at times.

Paradise Gaming - Head Of Discord Staff And Dealt With Applications for the server.

Even though I haven't been staff on a lot of servers or communities I have great experience as I was with Paradise for so long until they decided to shut down.


Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.):

I only have 1 warning which is from march of 2019 - I used a Fake ID as a MC&D bouncer.

I have no current bans. 


Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No:

I do know the basic ULX commands. I will list some below and provide examples with them.

!warn - A warn is the most common tool used when there has been a rule broken and punishment is needed. For example if I was dealing with a sit from which a Nu-7 has run into the EZ and killed a A-1 for no apparent reason and gives no good reasoning that would result in a warn for RDM and to do that you would need to do !warn [Name] [Reason]

!ban - This is for more serious punishments so for example from the last with RDM may serve as a warning there could be a Mass RDM which would result in a Permanent Ban .

!bring - Bring is a very simple command but it is very useful. !Bring can be used for a huge amount of reasons, if you need to bring players to a sit it allows to teleport them straight to you. And the way to use this command is !Bring [Name]

!return - Return is the opposite of bring to after the sit has finished for example I would need to use the return command to return the players involved and myself.

!menu - !Menu shows the main panel for all the different types of commands and tools. Everything can be done from the menu. For example you can also ban and warn players from this menu.


!logs - The logs will show current things that are going on in the server.

!god - !god is the command which makes you or the player you target invincible to all damage and can't be killed.

!ungod - !Ungod is the opposite of !god it takes away immortality and makes you take damage again.

!kick - !kick is a command which if you do !kick on a certain player it will then forcibly remove them from the server. The !kick tool is very useful because it gives players time to cool off even if they rejoin the server straight away whilst they are re-joining they can cool down and think about why they got kicked from the server and prevent any other rule breaking.

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):

What is SCP RP - Scp full name is known as Secure Contain Protect is based around a massive organisation which are based in Sites and Facilities all over the globe which hold someone of the most dangerous creatures to ever come across the globe which are known as Scp's and are given numbers to identify which is which. They also have objects known as anomalous objects  which are stored in containment chambers depending on there risk level. The sites main goal is to keep the world safe and to test these Scp's and anomalies for the greater good. The Werwolf Gaming SCP-RP is based in Ovis City and this city is home to a large site which contains some of the most dangerous Scp's as well as anomalous objects, at some points there are containment breaches in the facilities and sometimes reach the surface and its the main goals to keep them in there containment cells at all times and this will include Mobile Task Forces to help recontain these Scp's and protect the Site at all costs.

CL 1 - Clearance level one is lowest clearance you can get. These jobs that will associate with CL 1 will be different types of personnel which would include janitors  and they would have involvement of what goes on in the site with Scp's or Anomalous objects.

CL 2 - Clearance level two is the next step up of clearance and the most common jobs and types of personnel can include junior researchers and the basic level of security guards.

CL 3 - Clearance level three is the most common clearance level that's given to Senior members of staff that will include research staff and also include security and this level of clearance gives a more in depth show and information of Scp's and anomalies .

CL 4 - This clearance level will be handed to member of the foundation administration and other Commanders of the Mobile Task Forces.

CL 5 - Clearance level five is the top level of clearance is given to the O5 council and other which a very select view this  clearance and they get unrestricted access to all data of the foundation and the scp's and anomalous objects that are contained in them.


Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).:

I do understand the rules of SCP-RP and I will list some below.

LTAP- LTAP means leaving to avoid punishment. A lot of people try to do this and think they get away with it and will usually result with a warning and temporary ban and a longer one depending on the situation and what has happened.

Fail RP- Fail RP is best known as breaking role play for example a IT Technician walks around onto the surface saying they are a O5 council member and they need to shoot and cleanse all the surface members by death.

RDA - RDA is known as random arrest and this would be for cuffing or jailing them without a good reason for doing it. For example if a police officer ran around the surfacing cuffing everyone this would be deemed as RDA or Mass RDA which can result in a ban for Mass RDA or a warning if it was just once and the person didn't understand the rule correctly.

Meta Gaming - MetaGaming is best known for using OOC for in character situations for example if I was playing as a CI and I killed a guard and someone says Ace you naughty ci whilst I was in foundation everyone is going to be nervous about me now. Another way MetaGaming came to be broken if no one knew the enemy's uniforms and they walk in to the foundation and a MTF screams is a chaos insurgency that would be breaking the rule.


Yours Sincerely , Ace Rews

Ace Rews 

Current Ranks:

Scp - Executive Administrator 

Scp - Lead Discord Support

Scp - Group Manager

Head Of External Affairs - HOEA

Unusual Incidents Unit - Manager- Head Of Obama Branch 

Ethics Committee - Head Of Staff

Head Of Manufacturing  - Keters Bitch

GRU Division "P" - Soldat

Chaos Insurgency Delta - A.C.E



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A very easy +1

Application is well detailed, shows a clear understanding and knowledge of the server, and is also very well written. I can't say that I've had a huge amount of interaction with him in game, but from the small handful of times that I have, he's a very friendly, helpful member of the server who would be an asset to the staff team.

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Ace Rews

Remember getting into a few sits with you but you know your stuff. You have shown this to me a few times.

I do trust that you will make an excellent part of the team if given the chance. This however, is not my choice.

I would like to see how you work on the team. I believe you will uphold the rules quite well.

Until then


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Viktor Svetsken

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