Bango True O5 app 2

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Your in-Game Name: Bango True

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:208616849

Your Age: 14 (15 soon)

Your In-Game Playtime: 3w6d

Your Warns:
Stunstick abuse
RDM (x1) - Shoot foundation unit without a valid reason
FearRP User broke out of Tactical Cuffs seconds after being arrested.
Exploiting (Duping grenades)
Bodyblocking (Blocking doorway as unarmed unit without valid reason)
Banned for Exploiting, PME, Mass FailRP, Fail Raid, Fake RP group
// Note these are all very old, last one in november 2019, got unbanned 1 day after too since rex decided it was a false ban, rie kenn warned me for  the same thing xunt did so disregard one of the exploiting dupe grenades, those were accidental as well.

Rate Your RP Skills: Due to my experience as the serpents hand (having created multiple characters with backstories, my negotiations and event participation as HoEA and my serious military-style Nu7 rp i think i have a good understanding of how to roleplay properly, i also take my job seriously and act as if i truly were that character when its a very serious job like the serpents hand in which i really become my role. I believe my rp skills to be good or very good, this is how i perceive it. If i went /10 i would say 7/10-8/10


What O5 Designation would you prefer (1-12) and what character?: 05-4: The Veteran i guess since i speak german but appearently apps are open and numbers will be free after dunno

Have you read and understand the rules of SCP-RP?: Yes i have read the server rules many times and have them in my task bar at all times on chrome, i am also a moderator so i enforce the rules as well.

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions): Due to my experience as foundation administration, earlier i played site director and moved on to ethics comittee when that was removed i moved toward HoEA and i have good experience with all of them, i think i am very versatile and can fulfill many roles as i have before, I have had great and good activity or performance on all my site administration and other whitelists, my activity and perfomance are frozen on great/great due to my perfomance (via 05-3 order). I believe my patience, sense of ethicality, and decision making required by the site administration roles which i have excelled at are proof of my worth in the O5 council.

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?: The Main difference of an O5 is their position, they outrank all of the site, noone is above an O5, this great power comes with great responsibility, you have to fulfill the site administration's role when they arent there, you attend all important meetings and you view important documents important to the roleplay or the server, The O5 does the job of all site administration for the site. The O5 council member oversees the entire site and makes sure everything is going well and intervenes when it is needed, in meetings, in decision-making, negotiations etc. However, the O5 isnt a frontline role, the O5's safety is of critical importance so he will stay back and only act if he believes it to be worthy of an O5's time.

What is the O5 Council?: The O5 Council is made up of the Overseers of the sites, the highest ranking of all site administration. These individuals have the complete control of the foundation. O5 council members know nearly everything there is to know, apart from secrets kept from specific members. A Regular foundation personnel member has a good chance of never even seeing a member of the O5 council, low ranking foundation personnel dont even know they exist. Most people outside the foundation also dont know they exist or have only heard rumors.  An O5 member is an intimidating person due to their importance and absolute control over nearly everything.

Are you currently head of a department (Job Manager), general staff in Nu-7 or a Site Director?: I am not a job manager, general stasff in nu7 or a site director, i am however an HoEA, have played ethics and sd a lot before ethics was removed. I am an Nu7 NCO (1st Sergeant) and have been the rank of "Major" before the rework. 

What Departement would you like to focus on? (Research, Mobile Task Forces, Ethics,...):
Any department is fine but i am interested the most in the other Site Administration roles, making sure they are doing their jobs well or seeing if they have any trouble or are causing trouble, 2nd mostly wanted by me are Ethical Matters.

Please give me feedback, i want to know how i can improve myself.

I am no longer blacklisted from ECM.
I have been assigned the role of representative for the department of external affairs in the EC.

This is basically the same as last time as the points havent really changed so yeah this is still relevant
take that as you will.

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General feedback would be to double check your punctuation; it’s annoying to read at times, having to see a wall of commas where there is no need for that many.


Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?: 

You’re giving us a list. This isn’t interesting to look at. Yes, you answer the question, but not to a good degree.

noone is above an O5, this great power comes with great responsibility,

This is simply word splurging; typing for the sake of it and not to add any actual content to your application.


Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions): 

Show, don’t tell!

You do a lot of telling with no showing. Show us how you have demonstrated the traits you’ve listed via your experience through your own examples, otherwise, this app is no better than any other that we may read.


That’s all from me for now! 

-7, a guy who typed on their phone.


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You are a extremely immature individual that doesn’t know where the line ends, this continuously happens within RP or OOC methods such as staff or Radio Tool etc.

As O5 Council could be known as the “High Command” of SCP Foundation I don’t trust you with this position.


Current Ranks:

[NRP] Kompanie "Caesar" Leutnant

[NRP] Gaustabsamt STV. Hauptamtsleiter 

[NRP] Moderator + Deputy Discord Staff Manager

[NRPWehrmacht Generalstab Hauptmann ( Chef d. Heeresverwaltung )

[IRL] Grass Toucher


old ranks;

who cares




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