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Bring Back Old Keypads

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The new keypads do feel a lot smoother and are better but, Some SCP's cant breach as there CC doors wont open. And the D-Block doors cannot be opened and closed from the buttons in the room. I suggest you bring back the old system until the new one is compatible like the old one. 

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We can't go back to the old keycards as the addon hasn't been updated in months and started breaking on the server.

In general the new keycards are being tweaked to better work on the server ,if you got any issue with them report it on the bug section in discord

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I don't know much about developing a server but I think would be slightly more effort to bring back the old system whilst the new system is kicking about. 

Like how would that even work? Two versions of keypads for a singular door, so players will now have two versions of keycards in their inventory. 

Besides I love the new system. Its possibly more intuitive than the previous one, looks nicer with all of the visuals and animations and it has a few QoL improvements. (Like being able to assign an entire DarkRP team or certain player groups in the spawnmenu, instead of on the keypads individually.) 

Really, I think the kinks will be smoothed out. Just bear with it. (Just yell @ BypasserSWEP here pls) 

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The old keycard addon was consistently breaking the server. Rex, Viktor nor SMT want to have constant reports of keycard scanners vanishing and doors not working. The current system is perfectly fine, if not better. It's just been introduced and Rex is working hard on making sure everything is working as it should be.

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I will say this I was hesitant at first to change the keyscanners but, debating on how old the addon was and how it continued to conflict and casues issues, almost every minute of every day. Yes we had brief times where the scanenrs would work fine and nothing would go wrong but it became more known that we had to take time out of other personal times to come on and refix every scanners only to have them break again. The New system may not fit the theme quite as well as the previous ones I also agree but, this systems brings more options and a much easier config so that we can actively change stuff and not have to stress as far as I am aware. I realise we also did have the scoreboard updated too to give a more fresh look into the theme of SCP but the issues with that are being worked on by another dev of WG. These Keycard Scanners actually have so much more to give in terms of configurations if you look at the addon within the gmodstore, you can enable users to be face scanner in order to gain access as well which I believe is also a very cool feature which maybe we can actually begin to include into SCP itself. Theirs also a payment system which we may think of maybe allowing MC&D to adapt to this system and so they can make the club more realistic with terms of payment per entrance etc.

Now I was not made aware of these breaching doors issue at all as far I myself was aware but now that I do if you can give me some more confirmation on whos doors it's actively affecting then I would like to know thank you.

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