Mikey UnBan Request

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My In-Game name: Mikey

STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:527922069

Steam Name: Clxpzy

What is reason for your ban: Trying To Bypass 3 Day Ban

How long were you banned for: 3 days but now Permanent

Name of the staff member who banned you: Not Staff it was Console

Why do i believe that i should be unbanned:  I've been banned for 3 months and also i cant play with my friends on any other games than Werwolf Gaming Server Because they only enjoy that server. I believe i have changed since being banned and grown more mature than what i was. I thought it would be funny if i would go on my other account and  RDM everyone but now i look back i see myself as i total jerk and i would never do such a think ever again. Aswell when i got banned i had been arrested 3 times for something someone else did that i was with in an event. I hope i have wrote enough to convince you to consider UnBanning Me, if you could it would make my week a whole lot better.



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It's been less than two months since your ban, not three. However it still has been a long time and if you friends all play on here you seriously should have thought about that before you went and got yourself banned. However considering it is still lockdown in most places and a lot of people have a lot more freetime to play, I may be lenient in agreeing to unban you as long as you are kept under watch for a while.



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You should give him another chance. It's been a while since he got banned.

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If it is true, that you have changed and become more mature, then i'll totally be fine with "+1ing" your application.

Like Kids said, it is lockdown, so you may be in luck.

The guy seems sorry, and clearly is eager to play again.

best of luck dude


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Ok I believe that you may have changed and maybe become more mature but you got banned around the 25th of March which is only a month and a half. It's a small amount of time seems as you got perma banned. The fact that you wanted to come onto the server with another account and RDM everyone shows a very little amount of maturity so the change would have to be extreme.Personally, I would say to unban but for him to be watched very careful and any mistakes would make the ban valid again.

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In lockdown I'm also losing track of time but your evidence clearly shows when you were banned and as Lewis stated a month and a half ago lmao. I don't exactly know who you are and how you actually play the server but coming on with a different account to RDM is stupid and again as Lewis says shows very little maturity and care for how other members of the community play the server. If you do get unbanned don't use alt accounts and also play the server following the rules, if this is the only server your friends enjoy playing make sure you remember that when playing next and don't get banned this time.

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Denied, not alot of time has passed since you were banned and to the point where you used Alt accounts for the purpose of minging shows you're not ready to be unbanned.

You can re-apply in 2 weeks.

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