Lunar Colony's Second Staff Application

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Name: Yavuz

What Country Are You From?: Turkey (+2 GMT)

How well do you speak and understand English?: Meh I sometimes commit grammer mistakes or nonce but it is somewhat good.

STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:43028249

Ingame Name(s): Lunar Colony, Daniel Vox, Hawk

Age: 19

Ingame Playtime: 3 Weeks 2 Days

Are you VIP/Gold VIP?: GOLD VIP

Do you have michrophone?: No but when my pc comes I will have it.

Do you have Teamspeak?: Why is this still a requierment? Yes I do have it.


Why should be pick you?: I think I know the community pretty well and the current Staff Team is lacking people at the moment. With my past experience with SCP-RP I know pretty much how to deal with every sit to this date. After playing on this server for a long time and with my normal state (aka when I am not drunk), and I think I can clear old mistakes I have been made, and maybe take care of the Staff need of the server, who knows. Anyway I think I deserve a second chance (Not Third or Fourth like Christof) to prove myself. And if you see me on discord or in server it is probs. cause I am drunk and don't know what I am doing. And I want to point out I will not be Denny and do staffing when I am drunk, so I don't want to see negative reviews, and I think I need to get back to my job (at 20th) cause Corona is ending somewhat so I can't make nonce anymore :(.

How long will you able to play per day?: Prob. Atleast 2 Hours, this number may go down if I need to work, or something happening this number can go down. If I am drunk (Which I will not try to be) This number could go down or up I don't realy know. But if I committing GAMERING this number will increase.

Any Past Experience as Staff? A Server Called Werwolf SCP-RP Senior Admin. And I havc been in turkish servers (I would list their names but non of the people reading this will not know it so). And I am not counting GM's cause they are not realy Staff.

Any Previous Warns/Bans?: 12 Warns. Half a day ban for "Mingery in OOC"

Do you know Basic ULX Commands?: I do know them and somewhat Advanced Commands. I will not list them for farming word points.

Do you know what SCP-RP is about?: I do, SCP-RP is a gamemode in Garry's Mod based of SCP Wiki and SCP CB, and other games. SCP-RP is somewhat Community Decided gamemode, Community Decides what GoI (Groups Of Interst) or a group (lmao), as well the state of the Server. In SCP-RP you can find jobs which exist in SCP Wiki and custom ones made by the players. You can play these jobs freely (if you pay papa Harland) but some of the Jobs will be Whitelisted and you may need to apply to it or join a tryout. SCP-RP splits into Two, Passive RP and Combat RP. Passive RP is the main RP of SCP-RP, You can do Research RP, Introgation RP or any kind of  Roleplay you want (Abusing and Creating events are bad bad), Combat RP is mostly happens in gunfights or raids and no explaintation Aim for the Head, word of advice: When you kill someone make sure it takes. In SCP-RP Cuırrently there is many jobs you may play, like for if you want to be a test rat you might Play Class-D, if you want to abuse Class-D's you might play Security, if you want to test and feed monster with Class-D's you might play Researcher. If you want to counter raids happen to Foundation you might play Nu-7 list goes on. And SCP-RP doesn't end in Foundation there is GoI's which you can play and RP on it, most of the GoI's have their own objectives like for Gru-P you fight for Motherland! Or for Church of the Broken God (COTBG) You try to rebuild your God Mekhane and kill Sarkic Cult's. SCP-RP is endless Fun for Players with endless capabilities. As well there is normal Jobs like: Civilian, Reporter, Police and such and RP in like Dark RP or go against GoI's or Foundation it is your decision!

Do you know the rules of SCP-RP: Yes I do, Like as Staff I will force them so. And I might not know the "new" rules or so but I will go ask maurice to get better at it and understand it or just go check the updated document. I will not list them to farm word count.

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18 hours ago, Shadow said:



Fuck outa here 


Wow thanks for your support! I will take this if we were in V5, anyway you can be right in your own way. And possibly last 10 days or so if you see me on server or discord I would be prob. drunk or so, if you even know me you would understand it but anyway.

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