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Unban Request For WerwolfGaming SCP Roleplay Answer Too Maurice

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First words:I have already realized my Mistakes So You Dont have too extra Point them out But Feedback Would still be nice (by Mistakes I do not Mean My Grammer) 

Steam Id: https:/

Steam Profile:

Date of ban: 18th of August 2019 Around 3 Pm

Reason of Ban: Pressed the Fermur Breaker Without a valid Reason This Gets count as Minging as it stood in the rules

Do I think The Ban was Deserved: Yes I do I shouldnt have pressed it Without Investigating if 106 Was out of his Containment

Explain the Situation: Its Been a While But I Remember Most of it I was A scientist jr Walking around with a Senior Scientist That Had had one class-D in Cuffs we were walking towards 106 Containment cell For A routine test The scientist Jack... (I do not Recall the Rest of the Name) Said that The Electromagnet Was Turned off what it was He then looked through the Window And said Something along the lines of Press the Fermur theres a Breach from 106 so I Did not Knowing that i or he should have checked First and not just did it Also i or he could have just turned the Magnet Back on LATER AFTER ABOUT 5MINS I LEFT THE SERVER    as I came back i was Perma banned

In-Game name:I do not remember it but i think David Dude

Admin that banned You: I remember Writing a Message To Harland if He could Please check who banned Me But I Dont have the chat Anymore

My Plea: I Loved too play on this server And It was Mostly Only Good and Funny Memories I have Carried Along With it My Plea is it that I Would Love too be unbanned Since this Server was one of the First Servers I ever played on In Garrys Mod 

Why Do I Deserve to be unbanned: I See now that I should have Made My own Point of View and That Im sorry It probally annoyed the Entire Server I Know that Im in the wrong

Any Last words: Thanks too all the Peopel who read This Unban Request too the end or maybe even only The Importan Parts Have a Nice day Or Night depending where you Live or when You read This


This Post was Made Too answer The Question or suspicion From Maurice that Im not telling everything First of all I said In The Text From explain the situation 5min after i Left since I had no follow ups of Rp  Or didnt know that a bit later I would get pulled back into a sit Second of all as I said Pressing Fermur Breaker Without a Valid Reason already get counted as Failrp and Mingery the constant Mingery could Be Of my High Pitched Voice And My Bad Mic Back then I got a new Mic tho If this doesnt anwser it Then please Follow up and or tell me the admins Name that banned me and we could have had a Talk Thank you for reading and have a nice Night

edit:I looked up all my recordings that day and found out that the mass mingery could also have been from me playing as 999 spaming /me does Satanic noises which I also Am rlly sorry for that and if would get a second chance I would Never Play out of character again And Actually read thru the whole SCP Wiki Page and not just Parts like i did Excuse Me and have a nice Day

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Seems to hold himself accountable for the mistake of activating the Femur Breaker and is apologetic of said mishap.

I believe though the Femur Breaker sound is a tad loud and annoying, they should be let back in as it seemed an ill-reasoned ban for just one false Femur Break. Surely a warning would have done for FailRP.

Believe he won't do it again and is aware of the consequences at hand.

Best of luck, mate.  - Viktor Svetsken

Viktor Svetsken

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You unban request was just recently denied and you instantly make a New one. This isnt something you should usually do.

You also in this new one you adress the things Maurice said. Why didnt you adress them in the first one and add in the things you did in this one in the first one, before someone pointed it out.

I still feel like you have been gone long enough for now and could be given a second chance.


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Staff Team just warns/Bans you without discussing or teaching.

You still want to play on the server so why not.

You waited for a long time.

You deserve a chance (If you make me regret this I will kill you and your family line)

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