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In Game Name: Richard Kruspe / Doctor J Cimmerian

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:497336506

Crafting Table experience level: 125/125

Playtime: 1w, 1d, 18h, 30m at the time of the application


Currently 2 (Neither active), One for accidental propkill when building and a table hit and killed someone, resolved with a warning as a reminder and the 2nd warning was for breaking FearRP after being falsely AOSed and then simply breaking out of the cuffs when the rifle was pointed elsewhere/not at me.


What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?:

Onsite, the manufacturing department has many different jobs in order to help improve the site and keep the MTF and Security forces well equipped and armed to the teeth for any situations.

They have the responsibilities of:

  1. Producing ammunition for the Security and Mobile Task Forces to keep them all stocked up and armed for any situation. For example, a raid from a Group of Interest, Nu-7 must have enough ammunition in order to hold back the GoIs. Likewise, in a D-Class breach the security forces must have enough ammunition to terminate all Class-D subjects before they can get weapons and attack back.

  2. Another job of the Manufacturing Department is the production of gas masks, with the mustard gas grenades that can be produced by Chaos Insurgency, gas masks are incredibly useful for MTF Unit Nu-7 “Hammer Down” allowing them to fight through the gas without taking damage as well as allowing the Nu-7 taskforce to be given gas grenades of their own for raids in the future. In addition the gas masks can be provided to site personnel especially those in EZ due to constant gas attacks from GoIs like Chaos Insurgency.

  3. Provide grenades and attachments to the armed personnel to repel incursions from the GoIs. Grenades such as 40mm can be effective in terminating large groups of hostile forces if it is deemed necessary and the healing grenades can be distributed as a quick healing solution in raids rather than a Combat Medic being present if none are available or if the medic(s) is/are dead.

Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?:

I believe I will be a good fit as I am extremely active on the server and although I do not play manufacturing at the moment, I am willing to give it a change of pace to try them instead of just strictly Foundation Administration jobs. Furthermore, I only have a quota of 2 hours for HoEA so I can spend most of my time on HoMD aiding the facility and personnel.

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