I don't think it's Justified (remove prema ban request)

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Server you got banned from:SCP rp

Your name in-game:dont remaper but it should be ape monky

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:459655041



Admins' name that banned you: dont remaper 

Admin's steamID:

Why did you get banned?:


well I was banned because I killed in D class it is a Perma ban here's what happened
I helped a scientist get some D classes and I helped him bring them to the test 
...but before we could leave the area with the double doors the chaos attack us i told the scientist to go away i start shooting through the door and the chaos start gassing us down i almost die i was ebout 20 HP and the scientist was at the door blocking the door soo i killed a d class soo he cen move and i run over do scp 500 and rutern i get back but after i diead bing gassed also i was level 30 yes i do shit but i wand to have my fun too but i dont think a perma ban is fiar

Evidence(Un-necessary): i dont think perma for that is necessary

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: i dont want to be unbenned but i dont want a perma ban just give me 30 days

Anything else?: 

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You didn't give them any warning at all whilst the door was open you just gunned them down.


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So, I issued the ban. You are clearly seen in the clip, gunning down 3 D-Class (even taking a break to reload, in fact.) with zero warning. I verbally warned you about this before, as I had reports about your behaviour in-game, prior to this. Your initial claim that you were being "gassed by CI" is completely irrelevant to this. 


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SMT doesn't think your intentions were malicious. Being a new player, I'd advise you look into the rules more thoroughly, and please warn D-Boys to return to their designated area rather than shooting them instantaneously. 

1.14 - Reasons to shoot players

- You have warned the person before shooting them (countdown from 5 given)

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