Requesting Perma Ban to be shortened

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I over reacted by RDMing a person for calling me slurs OOC. It was very personal and i should've called an admin or just left but i didnt and i did what i thought was right at the time. Ive been playing this server for a while and really enjoy it so i shouldve known better. I think a perma ban is too extreme seeing as it was a rare occurrence and most likely will never happen again. I understand there should be a punishment for people who RDM and if perma banning is that punishment so be it. I just hope i can get back on the server eventually instead of being removed entirely. The admis were understanding and nice but the server rules are questionable seeing as anyone is allowed to say anything as long as its in character. All 3 admins i spoke to thought this rule was stupid and it quite frankly is. I hope to see it changed in the future because as a person who loves roleplay theres certain things that shouldnt be said. I shouldnt feel attacked by people when playing RP. Even if i dont get unbanned i hope you over look the rules for the server.

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