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Staff Application - MF - 18/5/20

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Name: Matt Feeney
What country are you from?: England
How well do you speak and understand English?: Was born English and have qualifications in English so very well.

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:433832900
In-Game name(s): Matt Feeney
Age: 17
Play Time. Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP): 3 weeks, 10 hours
Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: GoldVIP/PlatVIP
Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I have a Snowball iCE and a HyperX headset
Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?: Yes, can give out if accepted.

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): I should be picked because I am an excellent overseer and am a calm, chill individual. I tend to be seen as the helper of a group, the one who tend's to know things off by heart, whether its a rule-set or something that happened weeks-months ago. I am always going out my way to help people whether it is in-game or in real life, I would like to apply the considerate mindset I have into SCP-RP, making me a keen to work and a obligating person. In retrospect, I have many key skills which are useful to SCP Role-play staffing. My best key skill to me is independence, I am able to perform a task all by myself with little to no tuition, meaning I can think logically while also being able to problem-solve efficiently to solve/resolve a problem. If I was hosting a sit I can apply logic to facts, fact from fiction and can add up the figures, hearing both sides and and being non-bias to the people in the sit, coming up with a solution with a resolution: "Yes I will warn you for Accidental Prop-Kill, may I advise when building next time do it in sandbox first or make sure your props are no-collided, if you need anything you know where I am." I have completed several staffing experiences with other servers previously which shows my commitment to a task and my good teamwork skills especially with , it shows I can be methodical, even under pressure and can get things done, no matter the difficulty. I do NOT want to drone on here, especially as I am here to sell myself as the perfect staff member, and out of everyone, Hierarchy will be looking for individuals who do NOT break rules and individuals who do NOT minge, I feel like I perfectly fit into all 3 categories, I have been in no trouble with admins and have gotten zero warns for a long time. Meaning I am a reliable individual who staff won't have to worry about (which defeats the purpose) as I will stick to as I am now, abiding by the rules as per. A good asset of mine that some of the (now gone) staff were missing was the Non-Bias'ed aspect of staffing, I am a perfectly honest person and will not be bias to anyone, everyone is equal on the server and giving someone an advantage over someone else is not what they want. I have definitely improved my reputation compared to the V5/Very Very Early days of V6 me, and as most will agree, I have definitely improved and may possibly deserve a chance to become a T-Mod to help the staff of SCP-RP, which is now more important than ever (as we all know due to shortages of staff and increased mingery/lower player counts).

How long will you be able to play per day?: Anything from 4 hours+ (average) as my workplace has closed and college isn't open for me until (speculated) next year. During the weekends I can play anything from around 6 hours to longer. 

Any past experience as staff?: Staff on other Applications/Games yes - I have moderated many Discord servers and one SCP-SL server. Also, I have previously staffed on an old (now shutdown) DarkRP server which wouldn't let short of 20+ players at a time during my staffing period.

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.): I have 4 warns. None have been recent (1-2month+)

  • FDA - Fading Door Bridge without Keycard - Chez     - Keycard didn't spawn in with my dupe and I didn't know that as I was new to AdvDupev2
  • FDA - Hidden Button - Chez     - The button had the same material as the wall
  • Breaking NLR - Nick Teddy     - First couple days on SCP-RP, was new to GMOD so I was unsure of the rule
  • Stretching Cuffs     - Was escaping and wasn't under FearRP and was breaking out, I do own up to this fully though.

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: From my time of staffing DarkRP I know and recognise most if not all Basic-ULX modules/commands, and can perform tasks with them swiftly and efficiently. However a refresher would be needed If I was to be accepted.

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions): Werwolf Gaming's SCP Role-Play is a Garry's Mod server that primarily focuses on the aspect of daily lives of characters in the SCP universe. These range from Class-D personnel to the SCP's themselves! The purpose of SCP-RP is to bring the anomalous and "upside-down" of the world to a somewhat realistic settings, a city, who's inhabitants fear of the unknown that lurks beneath them at the very moment, possible world-ending scenarios and "Monsters" which roam the very rooms below the residents own houses. SCP-RP is specially designed to the point where it has it's own chart of command and each role inside the Foundation has a higher-up to confer with and so every job feel's unique and different, with new GOI's being added every few updates (weekly) to keep the game 'fresh' and to attract more players to such a diverse and fun role-play genre on Garry's Mod. The best SCP experience is delivered in this one server with a large diverse variety of roles to, each with their own aims and playstyles, whether you like calm jobs or stressful battle-heavy combat at every step you take, SCP RP guarantees a job that suits your gaming profile. SCP-RP is truly about bringing the stories and lore to life, but making it balanced and fun at the same time.

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).:  I understand each and every rule of scp whether it's from the rule-set or the specific GOI's Discord I am in, however, to really get the best of both worlds I will have to contact each group manager for their specific rule-set on their GOI. I am fairly confident that I understand each and every rule hence me only having 4 warnings in my playtime. What really distinguishes the barrier between knowing the rules and breaking the rules is common sense, which I have plenty of, allowing me to play the server without causing an agonising and uncomfortable experience for anyone else.

NOTE: Hello! I hope you took the time to read all that, and now have the time to read this, I believe this is my 3rd? staff application as I am committed to becoming a staff member for SCP-RP, I believe I have many redeeming qualities, more foreshadowed after V5, my days of mingery were over months ago and I have tried my best to fit back into the community over those few months. I believe I have finally been accepted a bit more into the community, especially with WL's such as Nu-7 Commander and MC&D salesman which are exceptionally hard to get into and keep, so thank you WerWolf for giving me that second chance, through all these months! And to people who hate me I hope we can fix that, yes you Willrick.

1183 Words overall (excluding template - not that scummy to count that too).

special thanks to Patrick Austin and Johnwickisblak for helping me get into the swing of things, especially on the old forums, appreciate it : )

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1 hour ago, Matt Feeney said:

And to people who hate me I hope we can fix that, yes you Willrick.

Nah, but thanks for the suggestion, though.

Once Blackface, always Blackface, make a file and list all of the rules and your understanding of them or I will just safely assume you still do not know what metagame is and when can you say someone's name and when not.


-1 until you have an actual understanding of the rules (that is if you make that with the list of rules of SCP RP)? You saying you know them does not guarantee that.


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-Good application

- Shitty past and present

- Huge minge before

- Haven't seen him a lot lately but still a minge when I do

- Tryna flex with word count 

- ass kisser


Overall, shitty ass kisser with bipolar disorder. -1

The only thing I am proud of in this community is managing SDTF-191


I did the !slay @ when I was super-admin

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58 minutes ago, Xhorinhas said:


Doubt that but ok

Also why do you tell ("flex") which is your microfone and headset, like if that even matters for the application... 

I dont think that you improved, and never saw you doing something extraordinary in spite of being a typical shit V6 player. Maybe not this time or in a soon future.

- I don't think a £60 headset is much to flex over lmao, was just stating I got decent equipment which will ofcourse help because staff need to be understood, no?



-Good application

- Shitty past and present

- Huge minge before

- Haven't seen him a lot lately but still a minge when I do

- Tryna flex with word count 

- Appreciate the comment on the app, the "flex" was just so staff dont have to spend their time wordchecking it tbh was making it easier for them

-The comment on the minging I feel is a bit unfair, I don't think I've done anything bad recently at all and considering you're never on when I am that's a harsh judgement.


1 hour ago, {KN~SMJ} Inspector Willrick said:

Nah, but thanks for the suggestion, though.

- No hard feelings 😉

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3 hours ago, Ace Barry said:

  RPing properly ive seen it with him playing MCND 

You guys tried Mugging me as MC&D.


Now, I'm not going to lie, Matt has definitely improved. But I still want to see what he's doing as sometimes he can be great, while sometimes he's just minging about.

Edited by Johnwickisblak



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+1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I would say he has improved from his Tyrone days and would be suitable for staff  

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Good application

High playtime


Current Ranks

DarkRP Senior Mod 02.04.21 - 

Previous Ranks

Deathrun Senior Admin 24.04.20 - 05.03.21

GM Colonel 13.09.19 – 19.03.20

DU Colonel 19.03.20 - 07.05.20

CG LCPL 18.07.20 - 25.07.20

Jedi Blade Warrior 08.03.20 - 26.08.20

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You have defiantly improved as a person on the server you're such a fun guy to play with and such a help with players who need it , I feel like you'd make a good staff member due to your general attitude on the server you act very mature and not like a child and you're just generally a nice player to chill with. Not only that you also have a very good detailed application and your playtime is quite high, You'd make an amazing staff member


Good luck from Kevin

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