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Sammy's HoMD Application

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In Game Name: John Killvel

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60231685

Crafting Table experience level: Cant remember the number but I know it is the highest I can go

What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?:  Manufacturing is on site to supply the armed units with various equipment like gas masks to protect them from any type of gas attack and extra ammo for them to use defending or participating in raids (unless security then it will be guarding d class and helping defend) The Manufacturing Department are able to set up shops anywhere in the facility and they can decide to charge for the various items or give them away for free.

Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?: I believe I would make a geed head because I am willing to organize the Manufacturing Department where people can get what they need no matter if they are in LCZ or EZ, I am willing to organize the department no matter how frustrating it might be, I am also willing to spend 5+ hours on as Head of Manufacturing Department, weather this be supplying the MTF with the appropriate equipment they might need or checking up on the other members of the Manufacturing Department and seeing if they need any help where they have set up


I am away that there are grammar and spelling errors, I am dyslexic and not very good with grammar or punctuation and I might not be the best at what I do on the server but I try my very best when in any situation.

This application might not be very large but I fitted as much info as I could into the application at the time of writing

I have no warns and no banns so i hope you look past any spelling errors or grammar mistakes and see that I do my best with everything

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I like you you are a nice guy 

you know what a head of manufacturing personnel do 

It will be better when you better know what HoMD make on site but it doesn't matter for me

I try my best that somebody like me

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ACCEPTED - Get role on discord and read the rules before playing or get booted for being not cool

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