banned for lag

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Today i Logged on to the server in the middle of an event and i was very laggy and i was accidentally shooting at players which resulted in an admin sit. The admin was named Brandon and he let me off with a warning. Soon I was met with the EXO of the CT's and he arrested me and when i called the admin back he explained that it s not his choice if i should be arrested. In a fit of rage I left the server and later rejoined to see a 2 day ban.

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Hi dude, I'm the guy who was dealing with your case in-game.

As you remember, you shot someone which I checked logs for, who was a fellow CT. I teleported to you to talk with you, only to see you shooting in the directon of a bunch CTs. I warned you for ARDM after I had a little talk with you, which you were fine with. From what you told me, you got arrested shortly after. This is because you can be punished both IC and OOC for your actions. When I responded to your request you left because you didn't want to do the time in the brig. 

Now the reason you were banned is because you LTARP'ed, (Left to Avoid Roleplay) which you would've been put in the brig in this case. 

Hope that clears things up.

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You didn't use the template, which is necessary if you actually want to be unbanned.

Brandon should have cleared things up above. Everything you described and happened resulted in the proper consequences. I see no reason at all for an unban, wait your two days as a consequence of your actions, fair and square.

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Even if you were jailed unfairly, you were mad at what happend you still shouldn't leave the server as it was a LTAP, i understand that you were angry about it but i believe this ban will just make you not do these actions again.

Best of luck to you in the future!

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Since it's just a 2 day ban, it is probably in your best interest to just wait it out. You said yourself that you left in a 'fit of rage' which is something that you can hopefully learn from in the future.

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You were banned for LTAP because you left during an arrest. Also use the template.

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