Maya Vinokourov

SCP-096 WL Application

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RP Name: Maya Vinokourov
SteamID:  SteamID [ STEAM_0:0:214151667 ]
Playtime: 4W 5D
In-game warning:image.thumb.png.eec17d4fa6f7e8c629c178501f63e7fe.png
Reading and Understanding of SCP-RP rules: I have read and understood SCP-RP rules

Reading and Understanding of 096 rules (show knowledge): I have read and understood 096 rules
While in CC: Must be sat and face wall (corner mostly) ( forbidden to face door aka failrp/failbreach)
During chase: Allowed to kill people blocking way to target, Must only kill people who looked at the face
When target killed: Must stop on spot, sat and face direction of killed target

Playing 096 and Rping: I'm able to play 096 often and RP as it while respecting server and SCP rules

SCP-096 Containment Procedures: Target (SCP-096-1) has to be terminated by either MTF-E-11/B-7 or by 096 itself, it will then proceed to sat, cry and enter once again the docile state MTF-E-11/B-7 will then proceed to bag 096 (containment cuff) and drag him back inside his CC

Test D class runout: I will follow and kill the D class as my main target, if other personnel saw my face i will proceed the same until no more target. Once my target is dead i have to sat at the target spot and face the direction which i kill the target

SCP-096-1 Chase (Researcher, MTF and D personnel): I have to kill them since they saw my face but i have to proceed in  order of which saw first my face. It's a good RP scenario since it's a chain reaction it will be more difficult to recontain 096 during a chain reaction than a single target

GOI: Even if when dragged someone saw my face by accident, i must proceed to kill the target as stated in SCP-096 rules, i must kill anyone who saw my face even by accident and i shoudn't ignore it

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Maya Vinokourov
You have played B-7 CMDR a lot so I trust your ability to understand what to do, as well as the app.

Please contact a member of staff or myself in-game to receive your SCP-096 whitelist.
Ensure you show them a screenshot of this post or link it.


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