Max Livio

Skybox Editor for SCP-RP

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I'd recommend adding this addon to SCP-RP:

Very small addon, so size should not be a problem and shouldn't make the server lag whatsoever.

Would be very useful in events, Event Staff would not need to use the things they're using now for the skybox that are kind of cancer to set up, this is easy to use and very customizable.


p.s i saw this suggestion on swrp so i thought it could fit well into scp-rp too

pictures of how this could look:






im max

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15 hours ago, Johnwickisblak said:

Don't we already have something very similar to this? 

We only have the vanilla skybox editor (which can change texture, color, rotation, etc), and this one is much more advanced (and based)

+1, shouldnt be a problem

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