Unban Request For WerwolfGaming SCP Roleplay

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Hello ill like to get unban from werwolfgaming SCP rolplay sices i was ban all the way back in 2017 if i remeber correctly and i was then unban from an erro in the server i belive then i got ban again this ban happen in agu 17 2019 but the original one happen way before then and if you ask why im trying to get unban now is becouse i belive that the rest of the server of SCP rolplay arent that good the reason from the original ban was becouse of RDM i RDM 2 class-d that where infront of the armory door and i told them to move wich they didnt do so i shoot bouth of them and in case that my memory fails me and i didnt told them that they had to move away from the door i have to say that im truly sorry and i have learn from my mistakes and ill never dear to do it again my steam ID is

P.S Sorry for the bad grammar.                                                               


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Server you got banned from: 

Your name in-game: 

Your SteamID: 

Admins' name that banned you:

Admin's steamID:

Why did you get banned?:


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:

Anything else?:

Please use this template when making a unban request.

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