NH2RP unban requesty

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My In-Game name:Oneshot


Steam Name:aircon

What is the reason for your ban:NH2RP

How long were you banned for:2 days

Name of the staff member who banned you:Rogue

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I called rogue to face me in OOC chat and he TPed to me so i jokenly made fun of him since when i said something OOC about him before he kicked me. i assumed he was going with the joke and trying to scare me so i joked around with him i didnt realise that he took it seriously. also techinically since he tped to me then it was OOC and not within RP so i think that NH2RP does not count . if anything mabye disrepect to another person

Evidence:none required i think

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also if rogue did feel disrespected against then I'm completely ok with giving an apology if he thinks so. i aint here to pick battles or cause drama i just want to have a good laugh with someone sorry if i was a bit of a dick mate

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Denied from what me and other staff members have seen (Even your own Commander) you have no intention to RP on the server and it seems like you came on the server just to pick fights with people.


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