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Site Director Application 

By Oliver Crisp 


In Game Name: Oliver Crisp 

Steam ID:  0:1:472089177

Age: 15 

In Game Time:


here's a link to ss cos its not sending here for some reason


Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: 

Although only getting the job recently, I have spent lots of my time on HOEA since getting the whitelist. I have played lots as a Site Advisor (although this is not that high of a position, I believe it still should have some recognition.) I am also a Head of manufacturing department if that really counts at all.


Why do you feel you’ll be a good Site Director?:

I fully understand how everything in the foundation works, I am aware of laws and consequences (I have learned a lot about dealing with laws by being a nu7.) Furthermore, I have watched many directors over my time on the server and I am fully aware and understanding on the roles they perform within the foundation. Through the screenshot you can see I have 0 warns over my time on the server, hopefully showing that I could be fit for a high-ranking position as I can be trusted perhaps. As a site director I would make sure everything within the foundation is running well 24/7. Day to day things I would do are as follows; check in with department heads, get a status on any breaches or hostiles, ensure everyone is doing the right thing at the right time. Just things like that to overall improve the facility and how it is being handled. I am very active on the server (pretty much daily) so I could be Site Director anytime if the slot is available. Even though I may be quite young in some people's opinions, I still believe when it comes to roleplaying, I can be very mature in situations, if there is a tough decision or a pressuring situation, I believe I can fix it.

What role does the Site Director have onsite?: 

The Site Director is to ensure everything going on within the foundation is running properly and safely. Watching over every department and making sure the foundation is safe. Having complete control over everyone in foundation (excluding the O5 council of course) he is to make everything move efficiently. The site director does not answer to anyone other than the O5.


What is the O5 council?:

The O5 council are the highest-ranking members in the facility with complete access to all information. The O5 are very valuable members of the foundation, due to this they are generally not known by most personnel. Only going by their codename and being protected at all times. Nobody can command the O5 as they are the most powerful, dealing with everything within and externally.


let me know how I did and if I can improve 
- Oliver Crisp

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33 minutes ago, ✪Kanser CS.MONEY said:


ха-ха, я заставил вас зря потратить ваше время, пытаясь перевести это, а также -1 перестаньте заставлять ваших приятелей создавать ваше приложение

forcing buddies to make my apps.. how?

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On 4/9/2021 at 4:47 PM, Kinqu Kyle said:


Your negativity towards absolutely everything is truly disgusting. 




- Good app, well detailed

- Shows understanding on how to keep things from getting out of hand

- I've seen this guy in game a few times and he RPs very well and realistic


- Never seen him on more than a few times but then again, I'm EST, it's probably time zone issues

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I mean my opinion on you is mixed

Good guy



But however you can be easily led in my opinion example on mcnd people tricked you into thinking cocaine was 10k and when i told you they got angry so i dunno



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2 hours ago, Isaac Scott said:


But however you can be easily led in my opinion example on mcnd people tricked you into thinking cocaine was 10k and when i told you they got angry so i dunno

just wanna point out, i was never tricked into believing it was only worth 10k. just was getting a bit of good rep in my early salesman days 


2 hours ago, Isaac Scott said:


Good guy



thanks for the positive tho ❤️

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