Clone force 99

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Add the clone force 99 (Bad Batch) on the server for like special missions and special training 3 days a week. If you want to you can make more troops to the force or a new training area stuff like that!

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Adding the Bad Batch would be pretty cool but i'm not sure how they'd be implemented. New models will need to be made too as i doubt there are going to be any SWBF2 style models on the workshop

But in future, remember to use the template for suggestions otherwise they'd likely be automatically denied.

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I told you in discord that the models for this don't even exist yet, so it's no possible unless you want the most BTEC ass clone force 99 imaginable.

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While I would be more than happy to add this, there are no good models on the server and most likely would not be implemented as an actual regiment.

They were a 4/5 member squad which most likely would fall under RC, meaning a new squad, meaning more RC. 10 are enough. If models are found, we might add them to the server for the sake of them being used in events. You also failed to use the given template, please do next time.




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