Isaac Scott

Isaac Scott's sd application

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In-Game Name: Isaac Scott



In-Game Time [Proof Required]:5w 1 day 15 hours  ( bit of an old picture)unknown.png?width=1202&height=676

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: Ethics commitee member, E11 Commander.  Vice manager of anderson robotics, hoea before it got purged, hr before it got purged, nu7 commander before it went full whitelist

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: I feel i will be a good site director as i have good experience with leadership positions, the legal codex. I am also good at multitasking and managing people, i have experience with ordering people being a past E11 commander. I will also be a good Site director as i have good judgement. 

What role does the Site Director have on the site? The site director manages mtfs,researchers when no hr on. The site director does many things from authorising tests, deciding sentences for law breakers. He is to make sure the site is running correctly,safely,properly.

What is the O5 Council?: The O5 council consists of 13 of the highest ranking personnel within the foundation they control almost every aspect of the foundation research,ethics,law,security, internal security many things. They hold all information,classified information etc. Officially no one can order them to do things . They deal with internal and both external problems.


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+1 I have never seen you in game but you seem to be very experienced and well suited for the job.

I have a feeling you may get some negatives as its not the most detailed but everything else is good in my opinion

I wish you the best of luck and hope you get the position : ) - Rocky 


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- Clearly dedicated

- Decent app

- Was playing A1 in the screenshot, so he has an understanding of what O5 is and how to keep info about them secure. (infosec)


- Never saw him on any Foundation Administration jobs before, but I'm sure that's just a timing issue.

All in all, I support this guy getting the SD whitelist.

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9 hours ago, Serafim Ivonov said:


- Never saw him on any Foundation Administration jobs before, but I'm sure that's just a timing issue.

Ye uhh thats from when a1 was unwl its an old ss but im legit known for playing ecm 🤣🤣

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Your application for site director has been ACCEPTED

As I mentioned I will let a short app pass if you have long list of experience and long playtime. Plus support.

O5-5 "The Survivor"

(Contact me Fixer#5863)

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