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For those who don’t know (as it was quite a bit ago), the point shop was apart of making a group, wherein you’d have a set amount of points, and you’d have to chose what you want for the group, and each thing would cost a certain amount of points.

For this example, lets say the max was like 100 or something.  Lets say you want an AR-15, an Tazer, and all cuffs on your job which costs 75 points total.  Lets also say you wanted to have a healing swep, but it costs 50 points.  This would make you have to compensate.

Whilst my example is shitty, in practice it was much better.  It actually limited groups to have to chose what they deemed was more important to them, and such, would self balance without any real conscious effort (only like 2 groups were ever the exception to this).

Since the old forums were wiped, its likely SMT would need to create their own point system from scratch, but wouldnt be too hard.

Feel free to ask for more elaboration.

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As someone who was around for this system from it's creation I can safely say that it functioned exceptionally well. Most flaws it had was that some of the guns did not have a fair point amount assigned but that was pretty much it. I believe the original one was designed by Martin. Some veteran players and ex hierarchy I have talked to said that it indeed was a mistake to remove it. I am not saying that specifically this SMTs judgment is flawed when it comes to adding things for RP groups but in general the judgement is not as reliable as the point shop system. For example SMT decided to add OP electric grenades for TSH and I had to go make a forum thread ''Save combat RP" to fight the unbalanced build it created.  Now I have to agree though with the question of who will make it again but other than that this is something I would personally love to see return and I think would be a step in the right direction for balancing the RP groups.

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